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               Andre Applewhite of Memphis Central

Chris Jones of Melrose

                     Donovan Humphries of Southwind


      bucknermrbball.jpg Reggie Buckner (Memphis Manassas) TSSAA 2009 State Champions A & Ole Miss signee

Championcatalog.com (Hanesbrands Inc.)


MemphisHoopers.com 17's at Wallace Prather in Atlanta, Georgia.



Brandon Powell of Florida




MemphisHoopers.com 17's at Nike Main Event in Las Vegas, Nevada.




 August & September 2010 Issue

This issue contains Team Bio's, Game Recaps, Player - Team Rankings & Much More

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1. Melrose (37-4)
2. White Station (26-8)
3. Ridgeway (26-4) 
4. CBHS (26-4)
5. Westwood (24-7) 
6. Southwind (27-5) 
7. Craigmont (26-5)
8. Sheffield (23-6)
9. Cordova (24-5)
10. Memphis Central (24-6)


Recap 9-26-2010

After careful consideration on this years TOP TEN PREVIEW, Hoopers staff position East in place of CBHS who returns 4 starters from last years team plus transfer Tavin Askew of Raleigh Egypt including probably the best overall point guard in the city in Alex Anderson. Other teams that were close to making TOP TEN were Overton but they lost a lot from last years team. Hillcrest gets the edge over BTW in Division AA barely since Myron Askew transfers from Frayser to Hillcrest. At first Hoopers staff had them tied since Newby stayed at BTW. Nashville Future 150 Wrap Up (click here)

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Old School Photo: MemphisHoopers.com 17's at Las Vegas in 2005.


Recap 9-25-2010

Memphis CBL  1st Round Playoff Action:   Heat behind Tyler Boyd (Haywood County) and one of the best seniors in the region with a 45' vertical jump at 19 points and teammate freshman Jerry Johnson Wooddale notching 17 points respectively defeat the Knicks 66-55 despite Telvin Wilkerson's Melrose 22 points. . Lakers advance with a victory over the Pistons on Jarvis Sullivan's Westwood 19 points and 7 rebounds, Kedorian Sullivan added 12 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks accordingly - Devonte Hampton Melrose had 18 points in the cause. T'Wolves  edge by the Nuggets 56-53 with Joe Northington 21 points. Celtics down the Cavaliers in the final game. Joe Northington and Jarvis Sullivan (Player of Week)  share this award due to them leading their ball clubs respectively in similar scenarios.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-18-2010

Memphis CBL Week 3 Action:  Pistons knock off the Nuggets 63-57 behind freshman Markell Crawford Melrose 21 points and Ced McAfee  Melrose 18 points and 7 assists despite Kenneth Goodwin's Melrose 25 point performance. Cavaliers over Heat with Matthew Butler Memphis East throwing down 29 points in the highest scoring performance of the CBL season. T'Wolves demolish the Lakers 58-40 with a balanced scoring attack and great outside shooting from all three major contributors with Brandon Strickland (Bishop Byrne) at 13 points, Adonis Thomas Melrose at 12 points and Joe Norhtington Melrose 11 points in an overall strong team performance. Playoffs start next week and check out schedule. Markell Crawford (Player of Week) - Butler would of got it but Crawford team won.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-16-2010

Memphis CBL Week 3 Preview 2 undefeated teams in the T'Wolves led by Adonis Thomas Melrose and Darius Page Southwind go against the Lakers who are led by 3  Westwood players in David Pledge, Jarvis Sullivan, and Tevin Cox. Game tips off at 3:00 p.m. at Mississippi Boulevard Church.

Updated 2011 Senior Rankings.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-15-2010

Nitty Gritty  - TSSAA will clamp down on high school teams that try to make more than one 600 mile radius trip during the high school season. They let White Station get away with it with last years ball club traveling to Houston, Texas - Springfield, Missouri and New Jersey all in one season. So coaches watch your schedules especially from Memphis compadres.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-14-2010

7'0 basketball players are very rare and Sam Edwards (Fairley) will help Coach Ford rebound from his worst season in his 30+ years of coaching.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-13-2010

Yeah or Nay - Hoopers staff version of ESPN Fact or Fiction, Lol. Whatever high school program the MemphisHoopers.com (Coach Rivera former Mitchell assistant coach - sr. writer for MemphisHoopers.com) affiliates with goes to the TSSAA State Tournament in Murfreesboro, TN starting with Mitchell high school. Remember mitchellhigh.com in 2001 where the Tigers went to 6 straight TSSAA tournament appearances  with 2 runner up performances. Manassas in 2007 and 2008 where they came away with the gold ball in 2008.  Westwood went to the state last year and made it the Final Four of the TSSAA before falling short  to eventual champion Clarksville. Since the turn of the century only Memphis YOMCA has had more players go Division 1 than the Hoopers. List of players consist of Brandon Powell, Andre Thornton, Najule Ervin, and Thaddeus Young from Mitchell to name a few. Reginald Buckner, Tre Payne, and Roy McFagdon from Manassas. The list is very long compadres and can be viewed at . Many people seem to have what I call selective amnesia!!!!

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-09-2010

Final 2010 Senior Rankings are out and evaluation is in progress for 2011 Senior Rankings and here is a peek  2011 Senior Rankings. Players that could make TOP TEN like Steve Kaspar, Moore brothers from Olive Branch, Seals from Craigmont a no show at CBL and rankings also. But then again these are another set of rankings, so whooppeee. Look this is just to gauge players and Hoopers staff is pretty good at that from being the oldest basketball site in the state other than Coach T web site that has been around the longest. Folks, remember when the Hoopers was the acghoopers.com in 1999.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-08-2010

Steve Kaspar (ECS) is heading to Bucknell, Marvin Williams (White Station) to David Lipscomb. Liberty Tech top guards are headed D-1 with Kendall Anthony to Richmond Spiders and DeAndre Barnett to Northern Illinois, both had great summer with Nashville Celtics.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-07-2010

Yeah or Nay -   Memphis East & Overton (4 years since in poll) will enter Hoopers TOP TEN PREVIEW  very soon in the season as both ball clubs are on the rise. Ridgeway I have reservations but they made the TOP TEN respectively, Arlington and Collierville will steal wins in district and upset in regional action. Look out for West TN. Christian this season. 

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-05-2010

Memphis CBL Week 2 Action  - T'Wolves stay undefeated with Donovan Humphries Southwind at 13 points and Brandon Strickland (Bishop Byrne) 12 points over the Cavaliers 62-55. Lakers also stay unbeaten at 2-0 with a victory over the Heat in double overtime behind Jarvis Sullivan's Westwood 12 points despite going 2-9 from the free throw line. The Knicks go 1-1 with strong outside shooting from Telvin Wilkerson Melrose at 20 points on 4-6 from long range  and Dontavious Sears Manassas at 14 points respectively. Telvin Wilkerson (Player of Week)

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 9-03-2010

Log in to find out the latest on what area high school basketball news regarding ........


Recap 8-28-2010

Octavious Ellis heads to Cincinnati of the Big East.

Memphis CBL Week 1 Action  - Celtics behind Jarnell Stokes double double performance at 14 points and 10 boards fall to the  Nuggets 56-55 in a tight contest. Other action include the Pistons led by Cedric McAfee 13 points and 7 assists - Markell Crawford at 12 points trounce the Knicks 63--38, Lakers over the Cavaliers 59-43 with sophomore Kedran Morgan from Southwind leading the way with 15 points, T 'Wolves down the Heat as Melrose Joe Northington leads all scorers at 15 points respectively.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-26-2010

Nitty Gritty  - Division AAA Overton and Southwind will dominate the east side with Wooddale in the hunt. Will this be an off year for Ridgeway and if so it has been 15 years or more since they had one, so what a hell of a run!!! TOP TEN PREVIEW

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-26-2010

Memphis CBL - Games tipoff this Saturday at 12:00 p.m. and full schedule is out at  Click Here

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-23-2010

Nitty Gritty - Whitehaven has a new head basketball coach in Wayne Hawkins, only major transfer so far this early school year is Joe Northington from Manassas to state champions and reality show host Melrose Wildcats. Raleigh Egypt keeps maybe one of the last big players in a long line in senior Diere McElroy who will be a major pickup for any mid major program.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-22-2010

Yeah or Nay - Only five years ago one of the best high school basketball games ever played in Memphis was Mitchell 101 to Hamilton's 100. What happened to these programs as both schools are predicted in the bottom half of their districts.  Private schools will have a strong season accordingly. Division AA will have another soft year in Memphis with Division AAA the major attraction.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-20-2010

MemphisHoopers.com Top Ten is out and Westwood (24-7)  comes in at Number 10 with four of their five starters returning for another state run maybe in the works. CBHS (26-4) defending Division 2 state champions comes in at Number 9 while Bartlett (17-7) with two B's in Bell and Broddie and juniors that will make serious noise this year and are in the rankings for the first time in MemphisHoopers Top Ten since 2002 when the rankings were first introduced. That can be viewed at the archives link.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-17-2010

Memphis CBL Draft Picks (click here) Who was Number 1!!!!  &



Recap 8-09-2010

CBL and Super 80 start their registrations accordingly. First week of Memphis City Schools Registration and what kids will end up where like Newby, Cox, Norhtington, Johnson, and McElroy to name a few.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-06-2010

Mitchell standout Thaddeus Young and Ridgeway's Adrian Henning lead the Kinks over the Thunder in the championship game of the Bluff City Classic since a 2002 hiatus.


Recap 8-05-2010

Yeah or Nay - How in the world are  (Memphis travel teams in general)  letting a nationally ranked player play for another travel team other than a Memphis travel team. We are use to having players coming here from other parts of the country like Cory Brewer  on the 2003 AAU National Champions  ( Memphis YOMCA).  What is really going on with local and nationals dynamics.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 8-02-2010

Nitty Gritty - Whitehaven will they have a new veteran coach. Landscape of high school coaches will change dramatically in the next 3 years as the 1st tier veteran coaches will retire. 

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 7-31-2010

Memphis YOMCA go 5-2 in AAU Nationals. Memphis Stars (16) fared extremely well also.


Recap 7-28-2010

 MemphisHoopers.com staff would like to send out condolences to the family of Lorenzen Wright in a tragic loss. 


Recap 7-27-2010

Memphis YOMCA run in AAU Nationals with them still alive yesterday in bracket play. East Nic King is playing extremely well.




Recap 7-26-2010

  adidas Super 64                                                                                                Memphis Magic Elite runner up in Adidas Super  64 falling to Double Pump from California. A great showing from the Memphis squad led by Adonis Thomas and Andre Hollins.



Recap 7-20-2010

Yeah or Nay - Battle on the Bluff held by Leshone Bynum was the best NCAA sanctioned tournament to ever be held in Memphis.    

Look at the magnitude of coaches that were in attendance (2008) from all over the country during the event. One has to say, Is it the marketing of the tournament, players in attendance or what. Click here to find out what exactly happened to the tournament and who was behind it.         

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 7-11-2010

Nashville Stars led by Orlando Bass and Lonnie McClanahan capture the 17 crown at the 2nd Annual Memphis Shoot Out over the Memphis Disciples who had an extremely great weekend and proved that they can play with the best Birmingham Stars are the 16 winners. Memphis Magic Elite led by Ryan Rhoomes, Jakerious Braqdley and Andre Hollins wins the River City Showdown in a close contest over Memphis Magic Elite Gold Memphis Stars in the 16 and will be a strong to contend with next year. Melrose Adonis Thomas helps the USA Under 17 notch the Gold Ball in dramatic form.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 7-07-2010

Nitty Gritty - Germantown has a new coach in Gerald Rodgers. Wooddale keeps Jerry Johnson as head coach and look out for Jerry Johnson Jr. in the 9th grade this upcoming basketball season. Cordova picks up major transfers. Favorites in Division A is Westwood, Division AA is Hillcrest and Division AAA is between and Dyer County and Melrose on this side. Dyer County will be included in Top Ten just like Union City when they went undefeated beating Manassas in the 2008 TSSAA Championship Game.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 7-04-2010

Memphis Shoot Out, In it's second year of operation it has become one of the hottest tournament on the circuit in the historic, beautiful, Bluff City.

Memphis Select 17s (featuing #3 Rivals ranked Jarnell Stokes, # 47 Rivals ranked Cedrick McAfee, # 131 Rivals ranked Octavious Ellis), Memphis Select 15s, Memphis Select 14s,
MBA Elite 17s (featuring #43 Rivals ranked LaQuinton Ross, #48 Rivals ranked Deville Smith, #100 Rivals ranked Rodney Hood), MBA Elite 16s
Elite Basketball Academy - Cobb (featuring #21 Rivals ranked Ben Mclemore, #58 Rivals ranked B.J. Young), Elite Basketball Academy - Baker,
Arkansas Warriors 17s (featuring #145 Rivals Ranked Keenen Anderson, Arron Lester, Khiry Blair, Robert Marshall, Paris Harrison)
Marcus Banks Hard 2 Guard (featuring Amir Royal, Cameron Mich'l, Chancellor Davis Jr.), Memphis Disciples 17s (featuring DeVante Perry, Phillip Mays, Justin Peterkin), Memphis Disciples 16s, Memphis Disciples 14s
Mid State Ballers 16s (featuring Matt Smith, Darius Tomlin, Treyton Harris)
Monroe Select Elite 16s (featuring Zae Henderson, Dalarius Jones, Sam Williams),
Nashville Stars Elite -Hunt 17s (featuring Kendall Anthony, Darrell Klack), Nashville Stars Select -Mclain 17s, St. Louis Majestics, Louisiana Razorbacks 17s, Louisiana Ball Stars 17s, Louisiana Ball Stars 14s, Arkansas Warriors 16s, Birmingham Ice Express 15s, Birmingham Ice Express 17s, Memphis Hoopers 16s, Memphis Hoopers 17s, Illinois Bears 14s,Illinois Bears 16s, Memphis Elite 16s, Memphis Elite 17s, Birmingham Stars 16s, , Arkansas Stars 15s, Birmingham Cavaliers 17s, Carolina Bobcats 17s

By Select  Coach Rhodes

River City Showdown, In it's second year of operation itself the Showdown has become of the major stops on the summer travel schedule propelling kids to the next level at the same time.



Recap 6-29-2010

Summer Classic at MUS Final Results (click here), Thank You Coach Peters and  Staff


Recap 6-27-2010

Summer Classic at MUS, the winners and losers of the weekend high school tournament to finish the finale summer event for high schools. Craigmont, Dyer County, and Southwind dominated their games respectively. Hillcrest will be favorites in Division AA, Melrose played without Adonis Thomas and Cedric McAfee this weekend, how much will they really miss in instant scoring in Chris Jones. How good will White Station be without Joe Jackson? Watch out for Dyer County, the big Orange in high school sports have a hell of a following and community support for basketball. Whitehaven which will have the tallest team in the region, the jury is still out on them. Had them a sleeper but I will hold up on that at the moment.

   Kerrell Davis (Hillcrest) and Alex Anderson (Memphis East) will be two of the top guards in the city. Andre Hollins (White Station) and Cedric McAfee (Melrose) are already nationally ranked and are also major Division ! prospects. Melrose supposedly incoming transfers Martavious Newby and Joe Northington have to sit out of summer activities and will be very interesting to see where and when will they land. East will be a top 3 finisher or even win the District action. First year in existence West Tennessee Christian features two top players in Titus Wade and Andrew Rowley and will make some noise this upcoming season.

Player To Watch: MUS Team Camp       
Titus Wade (West TN. Christian)
Andrew Rowley  (West TN. Christian)
Nick King (Memphis East)
Sean Gardner (Collierville)
Kerrell Davis (Hillcrest)
Charlie Waters (Hillcrest)
John Hudson (Dyer County)
Fred Yarbrough (Dyer County)
Marc Hampton (CBHS)
Markel Crawford (Melrose)
Brandon Strickland (Manassas)

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 6-18-2010

Nitty Gritty - Melrose drops out of Team Camp at Memphis and maybe all other summer activities  Enroll to find out. Melrose passes out state championship rings yesterday in Orange Mound. Preseason High School Rankings come out next week after the MUS Team Camp. The top three teams will be Central, Melrose and Southwind, what order is yet to be determined. New additions will be Bartlett to name one, enroll to find out. 

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 6-14-2010

Nitty Gritty - It's official, former Raleigh Egypt stand out Arnette Moultrie via UTEP transfers to Mississippi State University over Auburn in a close race for the 6'10 services. Also Raleigh Egypt has a new coach in Dwayne Stokes formerly of Craigmont who takes over for Coach Brooks who is taking a job offer in Washington D.C.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


To Join Click Here =


Recap 6-13-2010





3+ Game Guarantee * No Running Clock

July 9-11, 2010

Memphis, TN

Fee: $250


Fee: $350

15U, 16U, 17U

AAU and Travel Teams

(Adidas, Nike, Reebok – All Welcomed)

Contact: 901-690-6885 memphissupershootout@gmail.com



Recap 6-13-2010

Josh Pastner Team Camp featuring some of the best high schools in Memphis and Mississippi.   Schedule click here


Recap 6-12-2010

Manassas fares extremely well in Ole Miss team camp. Bartlett, Southwind, Olive Branch, and Westwood all preseason picks do very well in FCA Team Camp at Millington Baptist Church.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 6-10-2010

Summer League High School Action at Trezevant. More transfers on tap with Martavious Newby leaving BTW or not, Frayser loses a very good - big man prospect. White Station, Cordova, and Southwind having good summers. Millington Baptist Church summer high school action with Bartlett, Briarcrest, and Westwood to name  a few. Movie Action at Trezevant.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 6-06-2010

Southwind dominates team camp at UT Martin with 20+ point differential in victories all weekend long. Memphis Central will travel to the prestigious  Chick Fil A Holiday Tournament in South Carolina this year. What a big time player does for your program. Craigmont wins the summer league at Memphis Central over Memphis Melrose.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 6-04-2010

Nitty Gritty - Sheffield High will field a new basketball coach this school year , Germantown High may have a new coach also, Oakhaven coach with a young nucleus will be bright in AA. Kids will make that jump to other schools during summer basketball leagues, not as quick as summer teams. At least they have some sort of policies to adhere with high schools. Joe Northington transfers from Manassas to Melrose, Tevin Cox stays put at City University, What will Hillcrest retain to make another run, White Station might have new transfers on hand, read more. What high school has the best incoming freshman class.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 6-03-2010

 Memphis teams fared extremely well in Memorial Day Tournaments around the country. Memphis Select in Birmingham, YOMCA in Los Angeles, and Memphis Magic Elite winning the Select Division at Bob Gibbons in North Carolina,


Recap 6-02-2010

Summer League High School Action  at Trezevant.  Teams participating at Trezevant are Melrose, Manassas, Trezevant, Oakhaven, Kingsbury,             

Player To Watch: AAU State       

Steve Kasper    (ECS)
Dominque Harris (Southaven,MS.)
Kedorian Sullivan  (Southwind
David Pledge (Westwood)
E.J. Miller (USJ)
Robert Veal (Ravenwood)
Athlon Bell (Bartlett)
Cameron Golden (Ridgeway)
Nino Johnson (White Station)
Dontavious Sears (Manassas)
Alex Anderson (East)



Recap 5-21-2010

Summer League High School Action at Central. Teams participating are Carver, Central, Craigmont, Douglass, Kirby, Melrose, Westwood, and Wooddale.


Recap 5-17-2010

 Nitty Gritty - Is Bobby Parks leaving Melrose . Wooddale coach will stay as Mitchell coach will as well. New coach at Kingsbury, Northside and Raleigh Egypt. Following up is  Bobby Parks which will be supposedly traveling to the Philippines with his father who was offered a job in that country.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 5-16-2010

Memphis Magic Elite win the Hoops on the River Explosion with Adonis Thomas taking MVP honors.


Recap 5-13-2010

Yeah or Nay - Can't wait to get the voting software to get the real voice of Memphis. Elliott Williams (Memphis) heading to the NBA, if he stayed at Duke, yes he would have a ring but on the other hand he wouldn't even be considered for the NBA. At Memphis, Coach Pastner and staff let Elliott show off his top notch overall skills to excel to the next level. Yeah or Na

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera



Recap 5-10-2010

Nitty Gritty - One thing about AAU and summer travel teams. Players will jump ship in a minute but you can't knock them if the other side is greener with more opportunities. We didn't make the rules we just follow them. Memphis Magic Elite made it to the Final Four of Wallace Prather Memorial, great showing compadres.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 4-29-2010

Nitty Gritty - What high school coaches will change schools and who will stay from Fairley, Wooddale, Oakhaven to name a few.  Where is Adonis going to pick, who will make that choice, mmmm. Who will be the Preseason Number for 2011. Will White Station keep the luster by Patino recruiting or thinking they will just come because it's White Station. Germantown had it's run last year can they repeat it.  These are thoughts running wild throughout the Memphis area basketball world.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 4-25-2010

Next Level Nationals April 23-25:  Results Memphis YOMCA capture the 16 Gold Division with a victory over Arkansas Wings. Memphis Elite went 4-1 and Memphis Select played extremely going 2-2 against some of the best talent in the tournament. Memphis Magic-Cowboy win the String Music Classic in Nashville, Tennessee.


Recap 4-21-2010

Dallas Next Level Nationals April 9-11:  Preview plus a Breakdown on Area News from teams stealing another teams name and image, it's the truth or we have another Compton Magic supposedly here.


Recap 4-18-2010

Real Deal in the Rock Action:  Memphis teams fared well in one of the biggest and earliest tournaments of the summer circuit. Memphis Magic (3-1), M33M (3-1) and Memphis  Select (2-3) showed why they are major contenders this year and players on both squads are high Division 1 caliber from Adonis Thomas (Magic), Bobby Parks (M33M), and Cedric McAfee (Select).  



Recap 4-11-2010

Memphis Select Classic V April 9-11:  Results Memphis Select Blue win the tournament over USA Knights.  Tournament Breakdown: Memphis Select Cam Ras (Hillcrest) had a solid performance all weekend long with his dominant inside play. Great hands with solid rebounding plus good free throw shooting. Memphis Select Ocatvious Ellis (Rivals #103 - Whitehaven) dominated the middle with his flashy moves and great mid range shooting, also shots very good from the free throw line. John Hudson (Dyer County) displayed his great outside shooting all throughout the tournament. MemphisHoopers.com 17's David Pledge and Jarvis Sullivan showed why they are some of the best under the radar juniors in the city with their strong play all weekend long.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 4-07-2010

Memphis Top Players To Watch in the 10th Grade List, click here





   I decided to have a team and name it Memphis YOMCA, see what I'm talking about. Their is only one Magic team and that is the one ran by Coach Lester and Coach Ervin who have 2 AAU Nationals under their belt. Look at the uniforms and this picture was in 2006 and their still around. Read More Editorial by Chuck Reynolds



Recap 4-05-2010

3rd Annual
Memphis Select Classic V Tournament

Top players that have participated in this event includes DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky), Joe Jackson (2010 Memphis Signee), Chris Crawford (2010 Memphis Signee), Jarnell Stokes (Memphis Select/Ranked #3 2012 Rivals), Cedrick McAfee (Memphis Select/2011 Rivals 15th Ranked Shooting Guard), Octavious Ellis (Memphis Select/2011 Rivals 21st Ranked Power Forward).

Check out Jarnell Stokes

Friday - Sunday
April 9-11, 2010

Location: Ridgeway Baptist Church
Family Life Christian Center (2 Court Facility)
2500 Ridgeway Rd.
Memphis, TN 38119-7499

Team Fee: Age Group 13, 14 $225.00
Age Group 15, 16, 17 $250.00

**Three (3) Game Guarantee
(Pool Play, Bracket Play)

**Play Top National Competition

**Recruiting media/scouts will be in attendance

**Great Way to prepare for Real Deal on the Rock





Recap 4-04-2010

Memphis Players To Watch in the 10th Grade.

Players To Watch:

Jarnell Stokes Memphis Central
Tevin Cox Memphis City University
Myron Johnson Memphis Hamilton
Alex Anderson Memphis East
William Franklin Memphis Ridgeway
Keonda Howard (9th Grader) Memphis Manassas
Dontavioyus Sears Memphis Manassas
Darious Moore Memphis Melrose
Montavious Newby Memphis BTW
MontrezeGary Memphis Westwood
Craig Hill Memphis Cordova



Recap 4-01-2010










Memphis signees  Joe Jackson and Jelan Kendrick play for the East Squad in 33rd Annual McDonald's All Star Game in Columbus, Ohio. First time in school history Memphis had 2 players named to the squad in the same year.



White Station @ Melrose

       Recap 3-20-2010

White Station (70)  @ Melrose (75)                                            Box Score

       In a short three years, Coach Jermaine Johnson has Melrose in the record books with a astounding victory over the defending state champions White Station Spartans.  Melrose deeply talented team was too much for the Spartans who missed two of their top scorers from scoring in double digits and much needed if any chance of winning. Tournament MVP Chris Jones (35 points and 5 steals) proved why he is a Tennessee commitment with his savvy ball handling, outside shooting when needed, and strong drives to the goal when called upon. Jones shot 95% from the free throw line on 18-19 shooting and 57% from the field in another stellar performance. The game was a back and forth contest the entire game with 10 lead changes and 9 ties that started with the score being tied 16 all at the end of the first quarter.

     White Station led majority of the first half after Melrose being patient on offense scored first but the Spartans started the game with a 8-0 run after Melrose scored.  Adonis Thomas shot extremely well 47% from the field and snatched a game high 13 rebounds to go along with 19 points in a double double performance. Melrose finally took the lead in the second quarter with a 1 minute left using full court pressure that rattled the Spartans a little. Melrose went into the break up 35-33. White Station was killing Melrose on the boards (19-10 first half advantage) due to Melrose big man and Northern Illinois signee Nate Rucker breaking his ankle in the previous quarterfinal game against Bearden. Melrose caused 11 first half turnovers but controlled the ball to only commit 3 turnovers to nullify the rebounding disadvantage. Melrose had a 5-2 ratio on steals at the break also.

     White Station usually brings a nice crowd with them every year but Melrose's Orange Mound was definitely in the house as the Golden Wildcats were in force new and old. The Wildcats extended their lead as high as 8 points in the third quarter at the 2:01 mark of the third with Coach Jesus Patino of White Station trying to find a solution to his team poor offense with multiple substituting to gain momentum to no avail. Melrose closed the third quarter up 55-50 and in solid control for the time being.

     You know having Mr. Basketball, McDonald's All American and Memphis signee Joe Jackson (22 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, and 2 steals) was not going to let that happen just laying there. He is a warrior and showed why he received all the postseason accolades, Jackson sat out only 6 seconds of the entire game in the fourth quarter at the 5:00 minute mark after picking up his 4th foul. Another senior who has been their since the first day with Jackson is Missouri State football signee Julian Burton (12 points on 50% shooting and 3-3 from long range). White Station William Woodfork and Rodriguez Tucker notched important minutes and played strong coming off the bench in supporting roles. White Station tried to rally by getting the score down to 3 points (63-60) and the closest they would ever get with each time  Jones snubbing out the effort and with Thomas in the wing.

Key Points of The Game: White Station Andre Hollins and Nino Johnson scoring only 4 points each. At least Johnson grabbed 10 rebounds in the cause respectively. Chris Jones awesome free throw shooting down the stretch and the entire game.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 3-20-2010

TSSAA Run Down:        


Melrose behind the exceptional play of Chris Jones (MVP) captures the State Crown over White Station. Joe Jackson is named Mr. Basketball AAA  

                     Posted 3-21-10 10:18 p.m.


               Two of the Best


Recap 3-17-2010

TSSAA Run Down:        

         Westwood shooting 68% from the filed and 49% from the free throw line beat Humboldt by 18, sophomore Montreze Gary notched a game high 32 points.                                                                                                                              Posted 3-21-10 10:18 p.m.


Recap 3-13-2010

TSSAA State Tournament: 

        Melrose faces Siegel, White Station against Columbia, and Westwood has Humboldt in the first round.                                                                                      Posted 3-13-10 7:02 p.m.



Union City @ Westwood

       Recap 3-08-2010

Union City (61)  @ Westwood (63)

       Westwood's first Sectional Game in 24 years when the Longhorns last went to the State and came away champions beating Memphis Kirby in the title game. Westwood showed why they are state material regardless of the fact the AP Poll never had them picked. The Longhorns ball control, shot selection, and patience on offense were displayed by Westwood during the whole game. The Longhorns showcased some great outside shooting as they have all year long and when the shot doesn't fall they drive and slash to the goal as good as anyone in the city. Westwood took control of the game early with 22-15 lead after the first quarter and Zach Smith hitting a three to start the second quarter to go up by double digits 25-15. Regional MVP David Pledge with 8 seconds left took the ball the length of the court and hit a short backboard shot to send the Tornadoes home. Union City aggressive defense caused havoc for Westwood and Union City went on a 10-6 run to narrow lead to 28-24 before Westwood closed the second quarter on a 5-0 run to go into the break up 37-29.  Westwood led in rebounding 13-11 but they led in turnovers 7-5 ratio.

     Union City is a state powerhouse with 5 state championships and 1 runner up so the Tornadoes are used to this type of hype. Union City narrowed the gap to 45-42 at the end of the third quarter behind a senior oriented team. The fourth quarter was a dogfight between both of these schools trying to reach Murfreesboro respectively. Union City really cranked up the pressure with Westwood up 55-48 and watching Union City going on a 7-0 run to tie the contest. Union City bench played a major role as the Tornadoes had 3 starters foul out but Union City still takes the lead 59-58 with 1:21 left in the game and hits two free throws to go up by 3 at 61-58. Westwood with the ball looks for a good shot and junior Zach Smith (12 points and 5 rebounds) is fouled on a 3 point attempt. He goes to the line and hits all three free throws in a pressure role with no sweat. David Pledge (11 points and 3 steals) finishes with his shot to remember for years. Senior Courtney Holt  (15 points and 6 rebounds) played the guard spot in a strong role. Another junior Jarvis Sullivan (10 points and 5 rebounds) in a supporting role.

     Union City was led in scoring by seniors Josh Battee (15 points and 6 rebounds), LaMarcus Allen at 12 points, and Rakim Gaston at 10 points. Junior Antonio Parker added 11 points in the cause.

Key Points of The Game: Westwood resilience after Union City gained the lead with under 2 minutes left. Zach Smith nailing 3 free throws and David Pledge on the game winning shot.

Recap 3-08-2010

 Postseason Sectional Run Down: CBHS wins D-2 Class 2 State Championship with win over McCallie. Westwood on David Pledge going the full length of the court and sinking a 8 foot bank shot with  1.7 seconds left in the contest to advance the Longhorns to Murfreesboro. Melrose trounced Jackson North Side at Melrose. White Station escapes Dyer County after blowing a twenty point + lead. Liberty Tech runs over BTW at BTW. Trezevant loses at it's own game in another low scoring affair.                                       Posted 3-08-10 10:25 p.m.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 3-06-2010

Postseason Run Down:  CBHS advances to title game Nashville MBA. St. George's in three tries wins state against University School from Nashville.                                           Posted 3-06-10 6:09 a.m.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 3-05-2010

Postseason Run Down: Melrose host Jackson North Side while the Spartans go to Dyer County tough place to play. BTW host Liberty Tech as Trezevant travels to Bolivar Central. Westwood host Union City and City University goes to Humboldt.                      Posted 3-05-10 2:29 a.m.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 3-04-2010

Postseason Run Down:   Melrose too much for White Station, Westwood behind David Pledge's 24 points and MVP honors down City University to claim Regional crown, BTW and Trezevant used a 60 second shot clock as the Warriors win 30-29, hell of a score. Posted 3-04-10 1:21 a.m.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


White Station @ Ridgeway

       Recap 3-02-2010

White Station (71)@ Ridgeway (70)  

       Ridgeway patient on offense to start the game scored first and definitely came prepared for a heavyweight battle that will see one of these very talented teams go home early. Most ball clubs have to fight their way out of Memphis and when they do that, they can see some sunlight. Even though Ridgeway scored first, White Station jumped out the gate fast to lead 10-4 before a White Station timeout. Ridgeway responded with a 8-0 run to tie the score 14 all at the end of the first quarter. Senior Marterance Brock 21 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals, and 2 blocks in a very strong and impressive performance. displayed some big time outside shooting with no hesitation and always prepared to shoot when he received the ball. VERY IMPORTANT! 10 lead changes and ties ensued throughout the contest with the largest mustered between both ball clubs was Ridgeway's 7 point lead at the most. Ridgeway went into the break up by one at 39-38. White Station dominated on the boards with a 12-6 margin but had 3 more turnovers than the Roadrunners at 7-4 halftime total. Ridgeway did lead in steals with 5 - 3 ratio.

     White Station big man junior Nino Johnson (6'8, 215 lbs.) played like there was no tomorrow with his very aggressive inside play to offset Ridgeway's big man Tarik Black (Memphis) inside play. Johnson finished the game with 14 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks and him hanging in the paint was a problem for Ridgeway all night. Ridgeway still maintained the lead after three quarters to lead 53-48. White Station takes their first lead since the 1:11 mark of the second quarter at 58-57 as both teams went back and forth until Ridgeway seemed in control with a 4 point lead with 38.4 seconds left in the contest. Joe Jackson paced the Spartans with 29 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals in a double double effort. Nailing two free throws with 13.7 seconds left seals the amazing comeback for the Spartans on a errant pass off the ceiling from the Roadrunners to crucial turnovers and bad shot selection in the final minute for this senior oriented team.

     White Station junior Andre Hollins at 13 points and 3 rebounds. Ridgeway senior Kris Brewer added 17 points and a big three point shot before the White Station rally to fall short in the cause.


Key Points of The Game: White Station resilient play and experience from playing their nationwide schedule early in the season is playing dividends ten fold.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Postseason Run Down: Melrose blasts Southwind - live by the three die by the three and no inside game killed the Jaguars. Ridgeway up by 4 with 38 seconds loses to White Station by 1. Manassas to Trezevant and Sheffield to BTW at Sheffield was a total surprise. Dyer County by 3 over Cordova and Craigmont falls to Jackson North Side behind the strong play of Casey Prather. Westwood thumps Scotts Hill 72-59 and City University send Middleton home early.                                                                                                Posted 3-02-10 9:21 p.m.


Southwind @ Melrose

       Recap 3-02-2010

Southwind (84)  @ Melrose (98)

       This game started off like a classic of 2005 of two high scoring teams Mitchell 101- Hamilton 100. Southwind jumps out on Melrose 16-4 on some awesome outside shooting from three point land from seniors Nic Mason and Darren Gray. Southwind hit their first 5 3's then hit another 3 before I wouldn't say they went cold but Melrose responded with senior Jermaine Holliman coming off the bench. Holliman countered their 3 point shooting with 2 straight from him to change the tide of the game when it was close to getting out of hand for the Wildcats early in the contest. Melrose fires back with a 9-0 run to tie the score 21 all and 2 ties and 2 lead changes ensued before the Wildcats took control of the game for the entirety. Melrose led after the first quarter up 31-26 and never looked back. Chris Jones after missing some of his first shots went on a scoring tear finishing with a game high 35 points and 6 assists in an outstanding performance with strong drives to the goal and shooting from the outside when needed, the Jaguars had no answer for Jones. Melrose extended their lead into double digits from Southwind's cold shooting from the outside with Melrose going into the break up 57-40. Southwind led in the rebounding department at a 18-12 margin with turnovers 7-5 in Southwind favor and Melrose leading in assists at a 8-5 clip.

     Melrose maintained their lead majority of the third quarter to see the Jaguars try to shoot their selves back into the game. Southwind got within 6 points at 65-59 at the 1:45 mark of the third quarter but Melrose responded as Chris Jones and Adonis Thomas who ended up with 16 points scored 17 points together to squash their comeback bid. Melrose closed the third quarter up 70-59 with junior Bobby Parks 13 points and 7 rebounds, and freshman Devonte Hampton 15 points and 6 rebounds in a very strong supporting cast. 

     Southwind Nic Mason at 24 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds, Darren Gray 23 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals in the cause. Freshman Jonathan Williams (6'8, 200 lbs.) notched 6 rebounds respectively.  

Key Points of The Game: Jermaine Holliman coming off the bench and responding to Southwind hot outside shooting. It seemed to blow some wind out of the Jaguars stride. Also not able to stop Chris Jones who scored at will all night.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 3-01-2010

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Recap 2-28-2010

Postseason Run Down: Melrose beats Germantown handily and congratulations on a great season Red Devils, Westwood beats AP Poll leader Adamsville where Westwood wasn't even mentioned - them AP polls are something else they just don't give any love to West Tennessee teams, City University advances at the same time with win over Trinity Christian, White Station over Overton to set up a major game against Ridgeway who beat East rather easily, Dyer County moving up to Division AAA downs Bolton, Cordova keeps surprising everyone with win over Brighton, Jackson North Side behind Casey Prather's 24 points knock off Raleigh Egypt by 1, Sheffield handles Northside, BTW eliminates Kingsbury, and Manassas sends Carver home.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-25-2010

Postseason Honors:     Mr. Basketball Finalist have been named and as expected Joe Jackson of White Station and Adonis Thomas of Melrose. D-2 Christian Brothers Frankie Bougher is nominated also and a major surprise but definitely a right choice with this kid taking CBHS to unpredicted success this year. Great job Coach Luckett and the entire staff and players.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-24-2010

Postseason Action Run Down:        Bolton just one step behind the other Division AAA clubs losing to Raleigh Egypt for third place, Craigmont wins District honors over Cordova, Ridgeway gets back serious with thrashing of the Jaguars to win District honors also, Manassas beats Kingsbury to win District honors in consecutive years from Division A where they won the state to present Division AA.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-23-2010

Postseason Action Run Down:    This is the wrong time of the season to go disarray but to let the big dogs out. Who are the Big Dogs to step up. Cordova whips Raleigh Egypt and will this be a short postseason for the Pharaohs the first in a long time, Sheffield is the most composed Division AA team in the city - perfect example of a tough early season schedule paying off with major dividends capturing District honors also against Hillcrest - watch out for the Vikings at the same time, Melrose handles not manhandles White Station to win District honors behind Nate Rucker's dominant inside play, Overton in third place game run over Germantown to set up a Melrose - Germantown Regional matchup. This is it Red Devils to make a real live statement because it will be a very long time before Germantown has a team assembled of this caliber . Southwind will they step up and knock Ridgeway off or another year in the cooker in the making, Trezevant and BTW win insignificant games but are still alive for a minuto.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-22-2010

Postseason Action: Manassas outlast Trezevant to advance to district championship game against Kingsbury. Melrose and White Station meet in 16 AAA Championship game and prediction is at Central captures 3rd place with win over East.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-19-2010

Postseason Action: Oakhaven goes out in the first round to Carver, all those kids from all over just don't seem to pay off when it's suppose to or is it the weak scheduling. Playing River City, MASE, MAHS to name a few has little to no dividends. Mitchell and Wooddale go home early also.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-16-2010

Tuesday Night Run Down: East stuns White Station despite Joe Jackson 45 points, Craigmont jolts Bolton, Melrose demolishes Mitchell, Westwood keeps rolling in Division A with win over MHEA, Horn Lake and Olive Branch lose in postseason early and is that a surprise. Those weak schedules come back and bite them.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Melrose @ White Station

       Recap 2-12-2010

Melrose (92)@ White Station (78)  

       White Station starts off the game fast with a 11-5 opening as these two teams should advance to next months TSSAA State Championship in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at Middle Tennessee University. Melrose countered with good offensive execution but White Station ended the first quarter up 26-23. When White Station guards drive to the goal, the Spartans big men roll to the goal better than any other big men in the country. A very well coached team and it's fundamental basketball.  Adonis Thomas (15 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists) displayed his awesome athletic ability with a ESPN Top Ten take it to the hole dunk to tie the game 26 all and to start the second quarter. Melrose portrayed great ball rotation to take a 41-38 halftime lead. Rebounds were even at 11 for each ball club and also assists were 7-7 but White Station had 7 turnovers to Melrose 4 turnovers.  

     The first half was a close contest but the second half was a total different story as the Wildcats outscored the Spartans 20-9 to start the third quarter. Joe Jackson paced the Spartans with 34 points, 6 rebounds, 7 steals, and 3 assists but the Wildcats maintained a double digit lead majority of the game other than with 2:50 left in the contest. The Spartans on a 6-0 run cut the deficit to10 at 79-69 and everytime Melrose would snub their comeback attempts. Melrose was just too much for White Station with four players in double digits and led by Chris Jones at 34 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 assists in a impressive performance.

     White Station junior Andre Hollins at 16 points and 3 rebounds plus the 10 board performance of another top junior Nino Johnson was not enough in igniting a Spartan comeback.

     Melrose Adonis Thomas notched 19 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals in a strong overall showing. Seniors Nate Rucker (Northern Illinois) and Jermaine Holliman added 13 points apiece respectively with Holliman adding 4 steals in the cause.

Key Points of The Game: Melrose second half strong overall play with very aggressive defensive pressure that caused numerous White Station turnovers.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Friday Night Run Down: White Station undefeated in district action with 1 point win over the Warriors, Cordova upends Craigmont, Germantown finally gets that signature win over Ridgeway.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera







White Station's Joe Jackson is named 2010 McDonald's All American.


Douglass @ Westwood

       Recap 2-09-2010

Douglass (80) @ Westwood (84) (OT)

       Westwood in it's first year in Division A for second year coach Isiah Brown are recording some solid victories getting ready for the postseason stretch. Visiting Douglass in it's second year under former Ted Anderson of Hamilton has the school heading in the right direction.

     Westwood started the game off fast with a 5-0 run forcing the Red Devils to call a timeout. The timeout didn't stall the Longhorns as they shot 72% from the field to end the first quarter up 21-12. Sophomore Montreze Gary (21 points and 3 steals) was all over the court with his aggressive defense and solid outside shooting to go along with senior Courtney Holt's 17 points and 8 assists. Douglass responded in the second quarter as Westwood went cold from the outside and committed some crucial turnovers. Westwood goes into the break up 39-31 and both teams were almost even on the boards 22-21 in Douglass favor and turnovers 7 each at the half.

     Westwood starts the second half on a 14-5 run to extend it's largest lead of the game 51-36. Douglass once again responds with a 12-2 run of itself to close the gap 53-48 at the end of the third quarter.  Douglass seniors Marcus Price (30 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals) and Jonterio Lee (27 points and 4 steals) in solid performances by both seniors almost rallied the Red Devils but fall short 84-80 in overtime. Score tied up 68 all at the end of regulation on a missed layup try by the Longhorns. 8 ties and 4 lead changes in the overtime period plus runs on both sides of the ball with good outside shooting from both ball clubs. Junior Zachary Smith added 11 points and his three with 14.9 seconds left was very big to seal the victory.

     Westwood senior A.C. Nesby contributed 10 points, 4 steals, and 6 assists in a strong showing at the point guard position. Junior David Pledge 11 points respectively in the cause. Junior Donnie Thomas  notched 17 rebounds and 4 blocks to lock down the middle for the Longhorns.

Key Points of The Game: Westwood displayed some good outside shooting from several players to go along with strong drives to the goal with the man cutting was executed on different occasions.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Tuesday Night Run Down:        Another key district loss for the Golden Wildcats at home to East what is wrong with Melrose a week before district tournament,  CBHS gets by MUS by 1, White Station 12-2 record since January 1 is the best in the state stays in front of district thumping Mitchell, Ridgeway topples Wooddale, Central easily beats Whitehaven, Westwood in overtime stops Douglass rally to win 84-80, Trezevant runs over Frayser - what happened to Frayser basketball it's been a while. Twitter predictions are out.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-08-2010

Unsigned Seniors List is out and who are the best seniors out there. 2010 is a very strong year. 

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-06-2010

Here is a list of some top senior players in the city that are Division 1 players. They are definitely not unkept secrets because each kid is leading their respected ball clubs and will into postseason advancement. John Dunavant and Todd Mayo are the leading scorers of this group with both averaging over 22 points per game and with Dunavant notching the most 20+ games behind Joe Jackson in the city and county.

Unsigned Seniors:

Octavious Booker Memphis Overton
John Dunavant Bolton
Terrance Durham Memphis Craigmont
Marterrance Brock Memphis Ridgeway
Todd Mayo Germantown
Quinton Alton Memphis Hillcrest
Kris Brewer Memphis Ridgeway
Darren Gray Southwind
Jordan Hulsey Germantown)
Contrell Peterson Memphis Manassas
Jakarious Bradley Memphis East

point guard (Middle) Terrance Durham, and shooting guard (Left) Brandon Roberts. Small forward (Right) Edrick Bruce is one of the most  versatile players in the city.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-05-2010

Friday Night Run Down: Central sweeps Melrose and who would of thought that was going to happen - Melrose is having problems with area teams only quality wins are against ,  Overton slips after early fast start to season losing to Wooddale, Ridgeway by 5 at Southwind to claim the real number 1 while Southwind still trying to notch a signature win other than Germantown in the Memphis area, Cordova downs Arlington, BTW barely gets by Carver, Germantown easily tops Kirby, Craigmont remains undefeated in district at home versus Bartlett.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-04-2010

Twitter Prediction are posted for Friday night matchups. Trezevant in a low scoring affair get past Manassas to create a tie and maybe tiebreaker included. What happened to the Carver, Fairley, Hamilton, Wooddale, to name a few as for strong basketball holdings. What happened and why? When you look at the TOP TEN rankings you are missing a lot of schools that are usually competitive day in and day out. Yes Division AAA is loaded but if Germantown and Southwind were not in the rankings Hoopers staff would have to place teams in the TOP TEN with mediocre records. Your regulars like Ridgeway and White Station are the only steady adversaries. Raleigh Egypt is having a off year. Craigmont has  emerged a power in the North section of Shelby County with just regular players that are aggressive and hustle all 32 minutes of the game.

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By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-03-2010

Friday Snow Game Run Down: Sheffield stepping as a leader in Division AA with win at home against nemesis BTW, Oakhaven barely gets by Carver, Central throttles East, Melrose does the same to Hamilton, Southwind stops Overton, Raleigh Egypt keeping pace with important district victory at Millington, Bartlett rebounds versus Arlington,  Wooddale has a good offensive night at Houston.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 2-02-2010

Tuesday Night Run Down:    Twitter prediction, White Station over Melrose, the Hoopers staff hit that on the head. Melrose do they - , Cordova really showed up tonight against Bartlett - remember Bartlett starts three sophomores and are one the best young teams in he city, Hamilton no match for Central, Germantown hangs on in the district race at home against Houston, Southwind will move in the polls at Overton, Mitchell is here one night and gone the other losing to East, More recaps at Craigmont and Raleigh Egypt reschedules game due to unruly crowd and arrests. Those two schools just stay at each other all the time.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera



Recap 1-30-2010

White Station falls to St. Patrick 68-66 but playing this type of schedule will have White Station prepared for postseason. Central's Stokes will be the next big ticket out of Memphis and watch the schedule Central is going to have in he near future.

White Station (Tenn.)

January 30th, 2010
6:30 p.m.


St. Patrick
66 68

St. Patrick 68, White Station (Tenn.) 66 (High school Boys Basketball scores and results)

, January 31, 2010 10:31 a.m.

By Josh Rosenfeld

Trailing by five points entering the fourth quarter, St. Patrick turned to its superstar for salvation.

No, not Kyrie Irving.

Its other superstar, Michael Gilchrist.

With Irving shut out in the fourth quarter, Gilchrist picked up the slack by scoring 15 of his season-high 29 points in the final period to lead St. Patrick, No. 1 in The Star-Ledger Top 20, to a 68-66 victory over White Station from Memphis, Tenn., in the final game of the Newark National Invitational last night at the Prudential Center.

Gilchrist provided the winning margin when, with the scored tied at 66-all, he took a pass from Kevin Boyle Jr. in the lane and deposited the ball in the basket as he was fouled with 2.1 seconds remaining.

“I just played my game,” the soft-spoken Gilchrist said. “That was about it.”

And that was about enough.

The All-Stater Irving finished with 16 points after a brilliant third quarter, in which he scored or assisted on St. Patrick’s final 13 points. But when White Station began paying the Duke-bound senior more attention, someone had to step up. That someone was Gilchrist, also an All-Stater, who also claimed a game-high 15 rebounds.

“I think their goal was that Kyrie Irving was going to be doubled every time he has it,” St. Patrick coach Kevin Boyle said. “They weren’t pressuring Kevin, he didn’t feel like he was shooting well, so he just laid it over the top to Mike.”

White Station also got a big effort from its No. 2 scorer, Andre Hollins, who matched Memphis-bound guard Joe Jackson with 21 points. Hollins nailed three consecutive 3-pointers in the final 1:09 of the third quarter to close out a 13-0 run that gave White Station its 54-49 cushion.

“There were some times when we were trying to run at Jackson, he was starting to warm up a little,” Boyle said. “We decided early, kind of what they did to Kyrie, we tried to get it out of his hand. The guy guarding Hollins had to help but give them credit, they made some plays.”

Gilchrist delivered all the points in a 7-0 run that gave St. Patrick a 61-57 edge with 4:11 to play. White Station never led again but did tie the score on a 3-pointer by Jackson with 8.2 seconds remaining.

After a timeout, Boyle found Gilchrist in the lane, and St. Patrick was able to avert its third loss in 12 days.



White Station (Tenn.) 66
Name                          2-pt.   3-pt.   FT   Total
Joe Jackson                     5       2      5      21
Harry Green                     0       0      0       0
Andre Hollins                   2       4      5      21
Nino Johnson                    3       0      1       7
Marvin Williams                 4       0      1       9
Brandon Bullock                 0       0      0       0
Rodriguez Tucker                2       0      0       4
Jordan Miles                    2       0      0       4

        Totals:                        18       6     12   
St. Patrick 68
Name                          2-pt.   3-pt.   FT   Total
Kevin Boyle                     0       0      2       2
Josh Daniell                    1       0      0       2
Rich Dobin                      0       0      0       0
Michael Gilchrist               9       0     11      29
Derrick Gordon                  3       0      0       6
Kyrie Irving                    2       3      3      16
Jarrel Lane                     1       0      0       2
Chase Plummer                   1       1      4       9
Gjon Vukdedaj                   1       0      0       2

        Totals:                        18       4     20   


St. Patrick (15-2)            19   13   17   19   68
White Station (Tenn.) (17-4)  11   17   26   12   66







Recap 1-29-2010

Unsigned Seniors List is out and who are the best seniors out there. 2010 is a very strong year. 


Recap 1-28-2010

White Station will be heading out of Memphis and travel to Elizabeth, New Jersey and play nationally ranked St. Benedict on ESPN. The weather in Memphis is sleet and snow and flights cancelled but the Spartans will make the trip regardless.


Recap 1-26-2010

Tuesday Night Run Down: Raleigh Egypt drops Cordova to make up ground as in twitter prediction, Horn Lake revenges early season and only loss to Desoto Central, Wooddale loses by one to Germantown, Manassas starting to peak with win Frayser, Sheffield keeps pace at number in district beating Carver, White Station whips Whitehaven, Oakhaven losing some serious district games losing to Hillcrest, Westwood making noise in Division A, Bolton behind John Dunavant's multiple 20+ game knock off Bartlett, Craigmont running thru district action at Millington, MUS upsets CBHS on the road.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 1-24-2010

White Station on a roll defeats Hillcrest (AL.) in Hot Bed Classic in New Albany, Mississippi 60-58 behind Joe Jackson 32 points.


Recap 1-23-2010

Friday Night Run Down: On MemphisHoopers Twitter page the Hoopers predicted  White Station and Manassas victories to make first place ties in their district. Mitchell drops Hamilton, Melrose keeps pace in district over Whitehaven, Germantown in overtime loses to Southwind at home Red Devils still looking for that big victory, Kirby upsets Overton, Sheffield number 1 in district knocking off Oakhaven, BTW downs visiting Vikings.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 1-22-2010

Trezevant (49) @ Manassas (62)

       Two teams tied for first in place in 15 AA faced off in a very physical contest from jump and they both will definitely meet again in the district and regional tournaments. The Bears jumped all over the defending state champions Manassas Tigers 17-7 after the end of the first quarter. Junior Shead Grandberry hit his first 6 shots to score 12 points in the first quarter. Trezevant continued the hot shooting throughout the second quarter to go into the break up 32-23 despite a Manassas 14-11 advantage on the boards. Shooting 21% in the first half faltered any Manassas runs. 9 turnovers by the Bears kept them from extending the lead any larger.

     Manassas started the second half on a 9-2 run to close the gap 34-33 before Trezevant called a timeout at the 5:15 mark of the third quarter. The next minute both teams played aggressive on both ends committing turnovers before Manassas tied the game up 36 all at the 4:16 mark. Trezevant goes on a 4-0 run after the timeout and then Manassas goes on a 5-0 run of themselves and never looked back taking the lead 41-40 then 45-40 to end the third quarter. Senior Anthony Green led all scorers with 26 points and 4 assists with his great ball handling throughout the contest. Manassas big man Contrell Peterson TOP TEN UNSIGNED SENIOR at 14 points and 18 rebounds. Peterson on those pump fakes of yours don't use them all the time, mix it up a little better because you over do it sometimes.

     Senior William Douglass added 12 points, 5 steals, and 4 assists in a strong showing with much needed shots, Douglass came thru big time. Senior Shaq Walker probably didn't score any points but he played the entire contest with his 8 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 assists. Junior Joe Norhtington 8 points and solid defense clamped down the hot shooting Bears from the first half.

     Trezevant senior Bobby Jones early foul trouble hurt the Bears down the stretch with no solid ball handler wanting to step up. Senior big man Antwan Cathey 10 points and 12 rebounds fouled out also in the contest and bench contributed to no avail. Jonathan Thomas at 9 points in the cause.    

Key Points of The Game: Manassas solid defense contributing to Trezevant committing multiple turnovers and shooting very poorly in the second half with the Trezevant bench not stepping up when called.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 1-20-2010

Tuesday Night Run Down: Ridgeway stays undefeated in district action with big win over Red Devils - Red Devils need to win a game against one of the Memphis other AAA teams to think about postseason advancement - their schedule should pay off hopefully sooner than later, Melrose crushes Mitchell, Central does the same to East, Hamilton behind new transfer Marvell Bryant beats Whitehaven, Raleigh Egypt spiraling downward with loss to Bartlett, Craigmont keeps district record perfect over previously unbeaten district foe Cordova, Kirby falls to Collierville, Southwind knocks hapless Wooddale, Manassas thumps Frayser, Trezevant notches a victory at Kingsbury and has the Falcons won a game this year, Oakhaven secures first place with a W over district nemesis BTW, Hillcrest rocks Carver, and will Coach Ford at Fairley step down after a horrible season at Fairley with another blowout loss to Sheffield, Westwood extends their record to 10-6 after visiting M.A.S.E., Remember the Longhorns are Division A, will they do something this year in postseason


Recap 1-19-2010

Carver (67) @ Hillcrest (88)

       The game started off a little slow and sloppy but Hillcrest got untracked and took control of the game with a 20-17 lead after the first quarter and never looked back against the visiting Cobras. Hillcrest extended the lead to 43-26 at the break on good strong defense and pushing the ball at all opportunities presented to them and didn't force the issue with bringing the ball back out and resetting when needed. The Vikings are a well coached team and have a great chance for postseason advancement. 

     Carver could not muster any type of comeback with the multiple turnovers they kept  committing the entire game. Hillcrest has a senior oriented team with five players in double digit scoring. Senior center Quinton Alton 10 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks dominated the middle with his strong inside play. Swingman senior Brandon Wright TOP TEN UNSIGNED SENIOR led Hillcrest with a team high 18 points.

     Carver senior Reginald Bates led all scorers with 27 points on some good outside shooting and slashes to the goal. Another senior Colin Glover added 14 points in the cause.

     Hillcrest senior playmaker Kerrell Davis contributed 10 points and 7 assists, senior point guard and one of the best in the city Virgil Davison added 12 points and junior Darius McCaughy at 12 points respectively.


Key Points of The Game: Hillcrest unselfishness with the basketball and their good shot selection separated them for the Carver Cobras.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 1-18-2010

Coaches vs. Cancer: Melrose handles Germantown in Martin Luther King Classic at Fed Ex Forum behind Adonis Thomas strong play. Hoopers Top Ten is loaded with all Division AAA teams and one private school team, Division AA are absent from years past. Another point of fact 7 of the ten teams won a major classic or tournament this season cementing Memphis as a hotbed of talent in the entire nation.


Recap 1-17-2010

Spartans take title

Joe Jackson leads the way for White Station in T of C.

Michael Stacy and Don Abernathy • News-Leader • January 17, 2010

As Joe Jackson walked to center court at JQH Arena on Saturday night to accept the Most Valuable Player award after leading Memphis (Tenn.) White Station to a 68-63 win over Milton (Ga.) in the championship game of the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions, fans called out to the senior guard.

"Smile, Joe," they told him.

After some initial hesitation, the 6-foot guard flashed a reluctant grin. The smile was just about the only thing that didn't seem to come easily for Jackson on Saturday night.

Jackson, who has signed with Memphis and is rated No. 12 in the Class of 2010 by Rivals.com, scored a game-high 29 points to lead White Station (14-3) to a comeback win.


Slowed by a bad ankle and lingering illness, Jackson still had the quickest first step on the court.

"Joe can have a terrible game and score 29 points," White Station coach Jesus Patino said. "It's unbelievable how blessed we are to have him."

Early on, little went the way of Jackson and White Station.

Six minutes in, Milton (14-2) had built a 15-2 lead. The Eagles led 17-8 after a first quarter in which White Station committed 11 turnovers and went 2-for-9 from the field.

But the Spartans' confidence never wavered.

"I knew we were going to make a run," Jackson said. "I knew their guards were going to panic a little bit against our pressure."

White Station stepped up its defensive pressure and made 9 of 13 field goals in the second quarter and cut its deficit to three points, 35-32, on a 3 by Jackson just before the halftime buzzer.

The senior's ability to deliver big shots time and again fueled the Spartans, junior forward Andre Hollins said.

"When Joe got rolling then it got me on a roll, then everybody else got (going)," Hollins said. "We feed off each other."

Hollins added 17 points, seven assists and six rebounds for White Station. Forward Nino Johnson chipped in with 15 points and eight rebounds.

White Station took its first lead of the game 40-39, with 4:51 to play in the third.

The Spartans led 51-44 after three quarters, and their advantage grew to 13 points in the fourth quarter before Milton clawed back.

(2 of 2)

Evan Nolte fueled the comeback, scoring a team-high 24 points before fouling out in the fourth.

Milton slowly chipped away at the margin in the fourth and drew within 66-63 on a free throw by Shannon Scott with 17.5 seconds to play, but the Eagles came no closer.

"Last year we failed to come down here and win," Jackson said. "It's a big accomplishment."

White station 68, Milton 63

White Station 8 24 19 17 - 68


Milton 17 18 9 19 - 96

White Station: Joe Jackson 29, Andre Hollins 17, Nino Johnson 15, Julian Burton 3, Marvin Williams 2, Rodriguez Tucker

Milton: Evan Nolte 24, Julian Royal 14, Shannon Scott 12, Dai-Jon Parker 9, Jordan Loyd 2, Eric Riley 2

All-Tournament Team: Joe Jackson, White Station -- MVP; Fab Melo, Sagemont; Andre Hollins, White Station; Julian Royal, Milton; Ian Miller, United Faith; Brad Beal, Chaminade; Evan Nolte, Milton; Omar Calhoun, Christ the King; Brodie Wingert, Kickapoo; Taylor Sade, Hillcrest

Third place

- Christ the King 68, Kickapoo 35: From the opening tip on Saturday, the Kickapoo High School Chiefs looked like a team that was playing in its third game in three days.

Understandably tired from the amount of effort expended in the first two games of the tournament, Kickapoo looked sluggish in its third-place loss to Christ the King in the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions at JQH Arena.

"Guys were pumped after our win the first night and probably didn't get a lot of sleep that night," Kickapoo coach Dick Rippee said.

"Friday night was the same type of deal with our late game and then breakfast early Saturday morning.

"It's no excuse, but we played like a team that was tired."

Christ the King (9-3) scored the first nine points of the second quarter and held a 34-19 lead at halftime.

"Give Christ the King credit, they're a great team and we played right into their hands tonight," Rippee said.

"Their press does two things: they want to get you to make turnovers and they try to get you to take quick shots, and we did both."

The Royals exploded in the third quarter and outscored the Chiefs 22-10 and held a 56-29 advantage with one quarter left.

"When we play our way, with discipline and great shot selection, then we're going to be in a lot of games down the stretch," Rippee said.

"We're a better team now than we were when we came in here on Thursday night."

The Chiefs made just five field goals in the first half (5 of 23) for 22 percent, while Christ the King shot 42 percent (14 of 33).

Junior Tyler Hall paced Kickapoo (10-7) with 11 points, while sophomore Omar Calhoun led the Royals with 21 points.

Calhoun made 7 of 15 shots from the field and was 7 of 7 from the free-throw line, with three steals.

Christ The King 68 Kickapoo 35

Christ The King 19 15 22 12 - 68

Kickapoo 13 6 10 6 - 35

Christ The King: Omar Calhoun 21, Kareem Thomas 9, Maurice Barrow 8, Corey Edwards 8, Dominykas Milka 6, T.J. Curry 5, Roland Brown 4, Optimystic Kinard 3, Terell Hunt 2, Aaron Williams 2

Kickapoo: Tyler Hall 11, Ryan Rippee 7, Brandon Helsel 5, Brodie Wingert 4, Payton Reed 3, Cody Anderson 2, Todd King 2, Chris Underwood 1




Recap 1-16-2010

Friday Night Run Down: Mitchell leading majority of game let Cordova tie the game with 1:05 left in the contest and take control to win 74-69 behind senior A.J. Cunningham's  22 points and 8 rebounds, sophomore want to say sensation but not right yetttt. Craig Hill notched big numbers 25 points, 21 rebounds and 3 steals for the Wolves.Oakhaven at Hillcrest turned into a WWE Whitehaven Brawl with the game called in the second quarter. Germantown handles Overton, Westwood defeats hapless River City, Central down by 7 late in the fourth quarter comes back and beats Hamilton by 7, White Station stays undefeated in Bass Pro Shops Tournament of Champions with win over Kickapoo, Missouri and advance to play Milton, Georgia for championship. Fairley's Marvell Bryant transfers to Hamilton and will definitely bolster that team for a run in postseason action. other notable player transfers and his play will contribute accordingly for the Wildcats

Melrose in Coaches vs. Cancer Game in St. Louis, Missouri defeat Hazelton, Missouri behind Adonis Thomas 19 points.



Recap 1-15-2010

Cordova (74)@ Mitchell (69)

       Undefeated in district play Cordova visits Mitchell. Back and forth until 1:05 left in the first quarter Mitchell takes the lead and finishes the quarter on a monster stick back by senior Robert Little John to lead 22-19. Mitchell led all of the second quarter with very aggressive defense making the Wolves commit 14 first half turnovers. The Tigers went into the break leading 41-36 and 12-11 on the boards.

     Mitchell maintained the same defensive pressure starting off the second half and Cordova kept committing turnovers. Mitchell's 7 charges and you have to call them turnovers opened the door for the Wolves to dwindle the lead down. Cordova senior A.J. Cunningham TOP TEN UNSIGNED SENIOR scored 16 of his 22 points in the second half. to go along with sophomore sensation Craig Hill 25 points and 18 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Josh Burrows added 10 points accordingly.

     Cordova applied pressure to the Tigers at the same time and made the Tigers commit the same amount of turnovers as if in the first half to to tie the game 68 all with 1:10 left in the game. A.J. scores the final 6 points of the game to seal the victory for the visiting Wolves 74-69.

     Mitchell was led by junior Nat Cole's 17 points, seniors Shamer Nolen 16 points and Nic Wright at 12 points. Senior Robert Little John added 14 rebounds and 3 strong blocks in the cause. Senior Corey Jones fouling out early in the game put a blow to the Tigers comeback bid plus the absence of Keiwone Malone (Alabama football signee) to a all star game.     

Key Points of The Game: Mitchell guard play down the stretch let the Wolves capitalize on the turnovers.By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 1-14-2010

Central  shocks previously undefeated and nationally ranked Melrose behind senior Maseo Harmon's 20 points, 7 steals and outstanding ball handling, also Sophomore Jarnell Stokes 14 rebounds dominated the middle. Cedric McAfee suited for the Wildcats and contributed accordingly

White Station thumps Sagemont, Florida 87-66 behind Joe Jackson 34 points.

 White Station heads to Bass Pro Shops Tournament in Springfield, Missouri and play Sagemont (FL.) in first game tonight. Do they have to win to  solidify themselves as a AAA contender.        


Recap 1-13-2010

Snow games from Friday: Hillcrest stuns Sheffield, East tops Mitchell, BTW downs Carver, Wooddale wins by one at Kirby, Craigmont stays unbeaten in district play with win at full house Raleigh Egypt, Germantown wins on the road at Houston.


Recap 1-12-2010

Craigmont (70)@ Bartlett (55)

       Six lead changes and one tie in the first quarter, these two District 14 AAA counterparts ended the first quarter the Chiefs up 17-14. The first half had many runs on both sides. In the second quarter with Craigmont leading 24-21, Bartlett went on a 10-2 run at the 5:08 mark to take a 7 point lead at 30-23. The Chiefs go on a 7-0 run of their own to tie the game 30 all. Craigmont goes into halftime up by one at 33-32.

     Craigmont pressure to start off the second half pushed the Chiefs lead to double digits and high as 20. Poor and forced shot selections including the turnovers kept the Panthers out of sync the entire second half. No one could step up for Bartlett and Craigmont notched a big win on the Panthers court 70-55. 

     Craigmont had three players in double figures and one at 9 points - Rod Lewis. Senior Terrance Durham 10 points and 7 rebounds, senior Brandon Roberts 12 points and Kymer Levy 10 points respectively.       

     Bartlett has one of the strongest sophomore classes in the city with Athlon Bell - 17 points, Marquarius Boddie - 15 points, and Jeffrey Dockett - 12 points. Senior Wardell Webber added 11 rebounds and junior Wale Akinbobola at 14 rebounds in the cause.

Key Points of The Game: Crawford's pinpoint passes to his teammates breaking down the Oakhaven pressure which had little effect.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 1-12-2010

Tuesday Night Run Down: Melrose stays undefeated over East, Central downs Whitehaven, Manassas beats by Kingsbury, Sheffield beats BTW, Overton squeaks by Wooddale by 1, Craigmont pressure too much for Bartlett, Horn Lake defeats Olive Branch and is the tide changing in Desoto County.


Recap 1-09-2010

Ridgeway demolishes White Station by 38 points. Don't you hate when you go to a game and the game is a blowout and no seats available - SOLD OUT. Melrose and Ridgeway are ranked in the Top 25 of Rivals High School Ranking.         


Recap 1-06-2010

Tuesday Night Run Down: Sheffield clobbers Oakhaven 73-56, Ridgeway  with 5 players in double digits downs Overton with the Roadrunners on top 101-90, White Station thumps Whitehaven. Central demolishes Mitchell, Mitchell will lose alot of games in AAA, BTW on the road beats Hillcrest. Division AA is wide open with no front runner, maybe Sheffield. Manassas over Northside, Raleigh Egypt gets by Millington, Cordova squeaks by Bolton, Bartlett keeps winning with a win at Arlington, Wooddale gets a key district game beating Houston, CBHS is top D-2 school knocking off Briarcrest, Southwind gears up for big games next week running over Kirby.        

Recap 1-06-2010

Division AA cranks up Tuesday with Oakhaven at Sheffield, then Hillcrest visits the Knights on Friday big week for Sheffield. Central sophomore sensation Jarnell Stokes against N. Illinois signee Nate Rucker. Division AAA has a major rematch with Ridgeway traveling to White Station to revenge early season loss. 


Recap 1-05-2010

Oakhaven (56) @ Sheffield (73)

       Two Division AAA teams that will battle to advance out of Memphis to the TSSAA State Tournament in Murfreesboro, TN. squared off in a very important district matchup. The game started off very sloppy on both ends with four lead changes before Sheffield took the control seat against the visiting Hawks. Sheffield led 17-15 after the first quarter. Sloppy play continued thru the second quarter before Sheffield went on a 10-0 to go into the break up 40-26 after a Oakhaven technical paved the way for the Knights.

     Oakhaven tried on several attempts but could not get the Sheffield lead under double digits. Hamilton transfer Octavious Booker (6'7 - 205 lbs.) led Oakhaven with 19 points and is one of the TOP THREE UNSIGNED SENIORS of 2010. Senior teammate Rashawn Brown added 10 points respectively.

     Marcus Crawford (Memphis signee) notched a triple double with 22 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. Senior Robert Schaeffer contributed 15 points and 11 rebounds. rebounds, and 4 steals. Senior Cordario Golden 11 points accordingly.

Key Points of The Game: Crawford's pinpoint passes to his teammates breaking down the Oakhaven pressure which had little effect.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 1-04-2010

Memphis area teams go 32-11 in Holiday classics and tournaments all around the country. This is a very strong year for Memphis teams and talent!!! Melrose won the Arby's Classic, Craigmont the Heaven's Best Tournament, Central the Mike Kehoe Great 8 Tournament, Cordova the Northeast Explosion, Ridgeway and Southwind go undefeated in Memphis - Atlanta Classic, Bartlett the Carbondale Holiday Classic. White Station goes 1-1 in Houston, Hamilton and Sheffield fared well also during the Holidays.


Recap 1-02-2010

Melrose on track to repeat school feat of undefeated season under Vertie Sails. Hamilton was the last school to repeat the feat in 2006 with Jeremy Williams, Jay Watkins, Myron Strong, Broderick Gilchrist. District schedule coming up and that will be a major hurdle game by game.



Recap 1-01-2010

Arby's: Melrose hangs on for title
By http://www.johnsoncitypress.com/

BRISTOL — It was one of the greatest fourth-quarter comebacks in the history of the Arby's Classic championship game.

But, it didn't change the final result.

Memphis Melrose held off a hard-charging Greater Atlanta Christian 55-51 to win the championship of the 27th annual tournament at Viking Hall.

Melrose built a 15-point lead early in the fourth quarter, but the Spartans roared back with a chance to tie with 12 seconds left. Malcolm Brogdon's shot wouldn't fall for Greater Atlanta and after gaining possession the Wildcats' Chris Jones iced the game on the other end. With the victory, the Wildcats (16-0) joined Briarcrest Eads as the second Memphis area team in the last three years to win the Arby's title.

Tournament MVP Jones, who had missed a pair of free throws that would have given Melrose a victory over eventual state champion White Station in last year's Tennessee Class 3A tournament, was determined to hit the game-clinching foul shots.

"I've been working in the gym, shooting 1,000 free throws a day," said Jones, who ended with a team-high 12 points. "I wasn't going to miss any free throws."

Still down by 10 points with four minutes left, the Spartans (10-1) went on a 10-1 run, capped off by a steal and basket by Paul Dawson. After the Wildcats' Bobby Parks hit a pair of free throws with 47 seconds left to push the lead back to three, the Spartans were still just a long-range basket away from tying the game.

They got the shot they wanted with a double screen, freeing Brogdon at the top of the key. But, his shot bounced off the rim and into the hands of Jones.

"That's all you can ask for, to give yourselves a chance," Greater Atlanta head coach Eddie Martin said. "We executed the play. If the shot goes in, who knows how it would have turned out."

Each team made runs in the first half, but neither could hold the advantage for long. Greater Atlanta struck first with a 12-0 run to go up 15-5 before a 3-pointer by Jones cut the margin to seven points at the end of the opening quarter. It was Melrose's turn in the second quarter with an 11-2 burst to pull ahead 21-19. The teams stayed within a possession of each other the rest of the half with Brodgon hitting a 3-pointer to tie the game at 26-apiece at the intermission.

Melrose opened with a 16-3 run to start the third quarter and headed into the final period with a 45-32 lead. On the opening possession of the fourth quarter, they upped the margin to 15 points on an alley-oop pass from Jones to Adonis Thomas.

After trading baskets, the lead was at 15 around the six-minute mark. It wasn't long, however, when Melrose found itself battling to hang on to the title.

"They're a really good team," Wildcats head coach Jermaine Johnson said. "We needed a game like that against a team that's disciplined. We needed that game to test ourselves."

Johnson, who said he's patterned the current Melrose team a lot after the George Pitts-coached Science Hill teams of the 1990s, met with Pitts hours before the game where they spent time going over plays, particularly the Rick Pitino-style fast breaks. It was meaningful for Johnson to have his team join those Science Hill teams as tournament champions.

"This is a special group to be a part of," Johnson said. "It means a lot to have your name etched in that (program) book as one of the 27 (champions)."

Besides Jones, Thomas gave the Wildcats a double-double with 11 points and 16 rebounds.

Dawson was the leading scorer for GAC with 16 points. Brogdon and Trent Wiedemon each posted double-doubles of 12 points and 10 rebounds.


Third-place game

New Rochelle, N.Y.      60

Fayetteville, Ark.      58

Steve Whittingham hit a 12-foot jumper off an assist from Antoine Mason and Mason then blocked Kikko Haydar's winning 3-point attempt on the other end to lift the Huguenots (8-1) over the Bulldogs (10-4).

It was the culmination of a frantic finish. Haydar purposely fouled New Rochelle's Craig Dorn with 19 seconds left and Dorn missed both free throws. Fayetteville's Adam Nobel was fouled as he grabbed the rebound, but he also missed both of his attempts, setting the stage for the final couple of plays.

"The kids fought through the adversity for sure," Huguenots head coach Billy Murphy said. "The emotions and all, I never will forget this game."

Mason led New Rochelle with a 24-point effort and A.J. Burton added 14 points. Haydar posted 21 points in a losing cause for Fayetteville. Nobel scored 14 points and Taylor Cochran added 10 points.

For more articles, please visit
http://www.johnsoncitypress.com. Thank you!



Recap 12-31-2009

Bartlett wins the Carbondale Holiday Invitational with a 51-39 victory over University High Chicago behind Anthlon Bell at 17  points and Marquarius Boddie at 13 points respectively. Bartlett after a hiatus has the basketball program back on the map. Bolton has started off the season with a very good mark heading into district play after a strong showing in holiday play. Senior Johnny Dunavant leads Bolton with 25 points in the championship game of Beech Classic but fall short 65-63 Chattanooga Red Bank.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 12-28-2009

Memphis - Atlanta Classic: Southwind behind Darren Gray's 22 point average per game in tournament defeats undefeated Atlanta Tucker High and 10-2 Chamblee, Georgia. Memphis teams (Hamilton, Ridgeway, Sheffield, and Southwind) fared extremely well in Atlanta going 13-5

Christmas Tournament Recaps:  Memphis Central advances to finals in Jefferson City, Missouri. Bartlett in a slight upset beats Memphis East at Carbondale, Illinois. Briarcrest and ECS advance respectively in their games. Kirby finds the winning touch in Northwest Mississippi Classic in Coldwater winning three games in a row. White Station splits a pair in Houston, Texas. Germantown loses to Wossman, La. Wooddale notches a victory at Centralia. Illinois.



Recap 12-28-2009

Arby's Classic, Bristol, TN.: Melrose starts the game off down 12-0 to New Rochelle High from New York when senior Jermaine Holliman comes off the bench to spark the Wildcats to win 68-54 Arby's Classic. (click here). Memphis area teams fared well as Craigmont, Germantown, Ridgeway advance in their respected tournaments around the country.



Recap 12-27-2009

Memphis - Atlanta Classic: Memphis schools dominate this years classic as Ridgeway and Southwind cruise to wins.Germantown thumps Jonesboro High in West Monroe Hoops Classic behind Todd Mayo at 23 points and Austin Hollins at 20 points.



Recap 12-26-2009


Arby's Classic, Bristol, TN.: Memphis Melrose beats Science Hill, TN. 58-43 in first round action at Arby's Classic behind Adonis Thomas 19 points - 9 rebounds, Chris Jones 18 points and Nate Rucker's 14 points.



Recap 12-19-2009

Jack Jones Christmas Classic: Memphis Melrose runs over H.W. Byars while East beats Mitchell handily by 20 behind balance scoring.


Recap 12-17-2009


Reginald Buckner (Ole Miss) with Manassas coaches Gerald Harris and Jerry Anthony at UTEP vs. Ole Miss game 12-16-09

Recap 12-16-2009

              DeAgelo Riley, Terico White, Reginald Buckner


UTEP vs. Ole Miss

Talk about a get together , family reunion, whatever you want to call it, 8 Division 1 players on 2 major nationwide respected programs from the same city. This is something that doesn't happen just locally but on a national level. Definitely a special event and to prove that point in comparison for a national program that actually experienced these events. For example the ones that remember the days of Memphis State it would jolt your memory. Memphis State would field a team full of players from 12 of the 15 would be from the Memphis area and the others from not that far away as St. Louis or Grand Junction. Not saying that the team needs to be all pro Memphis just mix it up due to the talent level right here in our back yard. Programs all over the country have scurried to Memphis to evaluate the players and garner some talent.

     Ole Miss has done just that by getting some of the best talent out of Memphis from Terico White (Craigmont), Reginald Buckner (Manassas), DeAngelo Riley (Kirby). On the other side UTEP has dipped into Memphis more than any other program in the country due to Toni Barbee's tenure as assistant coach at Memphis and viewing players different than former John Calipari who overlooked many Memphis players for more nationwide players. Very understandable but when you let TOP 100 players go else where and not really pursue them as really wanted just going thru the motions makes all difference in the world. UTEP boast Randy Culpepper (Sheffield), Arnette Moultrie (Raleigh Egypt), Myron Strong and Jeremy Williams both from (Hamilton) and Gabriel McCulley (Craigmont).

    Readers remember this event with rosters of these type because this does not happen very often. Another issue that really was heartbreaking was the small turn out for this special event. As looking over the stands you could see some people from Memphis but definitely not the numbers you would assume and support to be at this major event especially with Ole Miss ranked #20 in the country. UTEP is picked to be one of the frontrunners in Conference USA.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 12-15-2009

WMC-TV5 Brings Germantown vs. ECS High School Basketball to the Internet


(Memphis) WMC-TV5 has launched the “Internet Game of the Week,” a live weekly broadcast of high school sporting events. The weekly sports presentations began in September with high school football and will continue throughout the end of basketball season. WMC-TV5 is partnering with Play On! Sports and the University of Memphis to present the games.


The broadcasts are presented live each week on WMCTV.com and are archived on the station’s website so that they can be viewed anytime. Play On! Sports developed a unique equipment package and production method that makes these broadcasts possible.


The University of Memphis is the station’s other partner on this project. Students from the university’s College of Communication and Fine Arts are producing the broadcasts, working with Executive Producer Mark King from WMC TV-5. “The student-interns are so appreciative of the opportunity,” King said. “They work very hard and make these broadcast's possible every single week.”


This week the Germantown Red Devils will take on the Evangelical Christian School Eagles in a heated match up at Hutchison School. This game is part of of the Jack Jones High School Christmas Classic.  It is a two day event featuring several games starting at 4:30 p.m. on Friday night and continuing Saturday night starting at 3:00 p.m.


The game will be presented LIVE Friday night beginning at 6:00 p.m. and will then be archived on the stations website for people to watch 24 hours a day until the end of basketball season.


“This is great for grandparents who live in another part of the country to be able see their grandchildren in action,” King said. “Earlier this year, a dad serving in Iraq watched his son play his high school football game.”



Recap 12-14-2009

Jack Jones High School Christmas Classic

Come check out some of the areas best high school basketball teams at
the Jack Jones Christmas Classic December 18th-19th at Hutchison
in Memphis, TN.  This event will feature Melrose Boys who are
currently ranked #11 in the country and HW Byers Girls who were the
Mississippi State Champs in 2008. Preps to watch are Adonis Thomas
(Melrose), Bobby Parks Jr. (Melrose), Cedrick McAffe (Melrose),
Austin Hollins (Germantown), Todd Mayo (Germantown), John Ingram
(Mitchell), and Jarekious Bradley (East).

December 18-19, 2009
Jack Jones High School Christmas Classic

Tournament Schedule
***Session 1***

Friday, December 18th @ Hutchison School:

4:30 Germantown vs ECS (G)
6:00 Germantown vs ECS (B)
7:30 Melrose vs. Lausanne (G) 

***Session 2***
Saturday, December 19th @ Hutchison School:

3:00 Overton vs. Lausanne (B)
4:30 Millington vs. HW Byers (G)
6:00 East vs. Mitchell (B)
7:30 Melrose vs. HW Byers (B) 

Recap 12-12-2009

Friday Night Run Down: Melrose blasts Carver behind balanced scoring to go 10-0, Germantown down by 22 battles back and takes lead against Southwind but falls short 98-90, Manassas outlast City University, Fairley stays winless against Whitehaven, Cordova beats Raleigh Egypt, Ridgeway thumps Houston, Westwood squeaks by Kingsbury, Sheffield dumps Mitchell and Oakhaven upsets East.

Recap 12-11-2009

Germantown (90) @ Southwind (98)

       Two Division AAA teams that will battle to advance out of Memphis to the TSSAA State Tournament in Murfreesboro, TN. squared off in a very important district matchup. Southwind jumped out on the Red Devils 12-4 before Germantown called their first timeout with 5:48 left in the first quarter to slow down the hot shooting Jaguars. Southwind shot 70% on 14-20 shooting in the first quarter to lead 34-15. The lead swelled to over 20 points during the first half and Southwind went into halftime up 57-40. Every time Germantown made a run, the Jaguars would thwart their attempts with some great outside shooting and outrebounding Germantown 19-13 in the first half.

     Second half was a whole different story as Southwind maintained a double digit lead throughout the third quarter. After a timeout with 2:34 left in the third quarter and with Germantown down by 22 points they went on a 15-2 run to narrow the lead under double digits on a Todd Mayo three (3rd for the quarter) for the first time since early in the first quarter. Mayo finished the game with a game high 37 points, 5 rebounds and 4 steals  in a stellar performance and was very impressive with his solid ball handling and strong quick drives to the goal with strong finishes. Mayo showed he can drive on either side of the goal and has strong upper body strength.

     The player of the game was Southwind senior Darren Gray's overall outstanding game attributes. Gray recorded a team high 29 points from all over the court showcasing his versatile play. He hit 3's, shots from the elbow, layups, stick backs, the kid did it all to go along with 11 boards. Senior Nic Mason formerly of Fairley and boy do they miss him notched 26 points on some outstanding outside shooting in a solid and strong performance with 26 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 steals. This game helped Southwind shrug off the one point loss to White Station last week.

     Germantown had three other players in double figures: Minnesota signee Austin Hollins at 14points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists. Senior Jordan Hulsey at 16 points and 6 rebounds and will be needed to garner more rebounds in future games especially against the other taller Division AAA teams. Senior guard Chris Pollard added 10 points, 5 assists, and 5 steals in the cause.

    Southwind senior Montez Fifer contributed 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 steals. Freshman Jonathan Williams added 10 points and 8 rebounds but stayed in foul trouble majority of the night but this kid is going to be special. He is very fluid in his moves, shoots way above average for a kid his size and he just needs to gain weight and more upper body strength which will come in due time.

Key Points of The Game: Starting the game off and falling into a high double digit deficit just makes it that much harder to win the game, not saying you can't just don't put your self in that position.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

       Recap 12-08-2009

City University (71) @ Carver (58)

       Bottom line, it is extremely difficult to win any games when you turn the ball over 33 times as Carver did against City University in a regular season game. You have to give it to City for the aggressive and tenacious defense Division A member City applied to the turnover prone Cobras.  City sweeps the season series, home and away meetings between the two schools. City in it's 3rd year of existence will make some noise in Division A during the season and postseason. Carver led after the first quarter 13-9 before City went on a 26-15 run to go into the half up 35-28.

     Carver outrebounded City 21-14 in the first half but that stat didn't matter as City scored layup after layup on Carver miscues. Junior Tevin Cox who traveled with MemphisHoopers.com 17 Under Travel club two years ago as the only freshman on the team to Las Vegas that produced 6 Division 1 players led City with 25 points, 7 rebounds, 10 steals, and 6 assists in a stellar performance. Senior Brandon Pack added 12 points and 5 rebounds for City respectively.

     City maintained a lead over Carver that ballooned to 13 points in the second half before Carver made one final run at City. Carver got within 3 points on several occasions in the fourth quarter to only commit crucial turnovers on errant passes that nullified the Cobras rally and watch City come away with a 71-58 victory on the road.

     Carver had only one player in double figures and that was senior Colin Glover at 15 points in the cause.

Key Points of The Game: I would rather shoot the ball from half court or further then to turnover over the ball. It doesn't even go as a shot attempt or nothing. Turnovers are the death of any ball club in any game they face. 33 turnovers for Carver is not a good sign not only for the season but sounds like they will have a short season at hand. Not trying to sound mean it's just the facts, I didn't make the rules, hold on to the $%^ ball.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 12-07-2009


Area News:          2009-2010 Week 2 Rankings and Results  

Recap 12-06-2009

Area News: Melrose is trying to be the 800 pound gorilla in Memphis Basketball with the transfer of Cedric McAfee from Craigmont. This transfer really hurts the Chiefs as for regular season and especially postseason advancement. What more can I say on Melrose but win that Division AAA gold ball, they have all the parts for an awesome team that has the opportunity to go undefeated in the process.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 12-05-2009

2009  Whitehaven Classic:

Area News : Begins today at Whitehaven High School with Hillcrest, Fairley, Whitehaven, Westwood to name a few.

Recap 12-04-2009

2009  Penny Hardaway Classic:

Area News: In one of the best games of the early season White Station squeaks by Southwind 92-91 behind Joe Jackson's 35 points and Marvin Williams 16 points. Jaguars were led by Darious Page at 24 points and Darren Gray's 21 points. Melrose shell shocked Liberty Tech by 30. Craigmont got by Ridgeway in a low scoring affair 42-39.

Recap 12-02-2009

Area News: 2009 -2010 District Predictions are out and viewable now.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 12-01-2009

Ridgeway (102) @ Raleigh Egypt (83)

       A Division AAA game between two schools that fell out of preseason rankings with early season losses match up and should meet in Regionals. Ridgeway came out the gate pumped up on the road against the Pharaohs 16-4 before Raleigh Egypt had to call timeout at 4:59 of the first quarter.  A turnover is a turnover but when the other team scores on the turnover real quick it really hurts. Raleigh Egypt guards succumbed to the Roadrunner defense with the team committing 18 turnovers converting to 38 points for Ridgeway. Hard to win unless you are shooting over 70% and still not a guarantee. Tarik Black (Memphis) 21 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks dominated the middle and especially came thru when they fed him the ball to squander Raleigh Egypt's run as 'for sure' buckets. 32-16 after the first quarter but Raleigh Egypt cut the lead to 6 points at 36-30 with 3:47 left in the half. Ridgeway went on a 13-8 run into the break 49-38.

     Ridgeway had 5 players in double digits; Marterrance Brock 20 points, Cameron Golden 15 points - 7 assists, Kris Brewer 14 points - 3 assists, and Corieon Pearson 11 points - 5 assists to go with some solid guard play was very impressive. Ridgeway recorded 21 assists off some very good passing, unselfish play and aggressive defense. A very good supporting cast with Black anchoring the middle.

     Raleigh Egypt started the third quarter on a 13-2 run to close the gap 53-51 and the closest the Pharaohs would ever get to Ridgeway. Coach Henning called a timeout at 5:11 mark of the third quarter and Ridgeway responded with a 8-0 run of their selves. Foul trouble to Alan Morris 5 rebounds and 5 blocks hurt Raleigh Egypt. Senior Ronald Brown 22 points and 11 rebounds to go along with junior Diere McElroy's 20 first half points to finish with a team high 29 points were not enough.

     Raleigh Egypt out rebounded Ridgeway 25-16 and Ridgeway will have to do better in that department for postseason advancement. Jeremy Whitmore 11 points for Raleigh Egypt.

Key Points of The Game: Raleigh Egypt has a good 1-2 guard combination and definitely will have to utilize that asset because that will put a lot of pressure on the frontline to score. The Pharaohs are not as deep as from the last couple of years teams.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Area News: Melrose behind Adonis Thomas 22 pts. and Jermaine Holliman's 20 pts. win over Kirby, Cordova beats Mitchell, Whitehaven in a upset get by Sheffield, Westwood over Houston, Germantown thumps Briarcrest, and Craigmont rocks Northside,

Recap 11-29-2009

Area News: 2009-2010 Week 1 Rankings and Results


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  Former MemphisHoopers.com DeMarco Stepter at University Texas at San Antonio where he is excelling in his senior 2009-2010 year.

Number 1 recruiting class in the country for 2010: Tarik Black, Joe Jackson, Jelan Kendrick, Will Barton, and Coach Pastner

MLK Championship Game

Recap 11-28-2009

Melrose (94) @ Sheffield (70)

       Sheffield Knights hung with the mighty Wildcats of Melrose for 2 quarters. Even with Memphis signee Chris Crawford picking up his second foul with 3:47 left in the first quarter, the Knights still managed a 5 point advantage at the 2:54 mark left in the first half. Forty seconds left before halftime Melrose regained the lead 26-25 before going into the break up 28-27 as Melrose could not get untracked. Rebounds were about even at the half  with Melrose 15, Sheffield 14. Due to little rebounds in second half as Melrose nailed shot after shot from the perimeter. Difference in the game was Melrose unselfishness as Telvin Wilkerson of Melrose dished out 10 assists before Chris Jones caught fire in the second half finishing with a game high 27 points (13 in 4th), 6 assists, 3 steals, and 4 boards to be named Tournament MVP.

      Melrose outscored Sheffield 36-22 to take command of the game in the third quarter and never looked back as Sheffield could never get the lead under 10 points. Sheffield had 5 players in double figures but their bench is undermanned and their starters will notch major minutes the entire season. They go 7 deep and that might be factor in the postseason. Senior Robert Schaeffer led Sheffield players with 16 points and 4 boards. Schaeffer will need to garner double digit rebounds to balance out the front line.

     Northern Illinois signee Nate Rucker dominated the middle with 22 points and 6 boards on 9-10 shooting. Monster dunks from Rucker were in showcase form for the sold out Trezevant gym as Memphis head coach Josh Pastner was in attendance. Junior sensation Adonis Thomas finished with 13 points, 5 boards, 2 assists, and 2 blocks accordingly.

     Sheffield handled Melrose press quit handily committing only 9 turnovers for the game as Sheffield's Calvin Rounds made some exceptional passes that slid off the Knight players but still ended with 6 assists respectively. Crawford added 5 assists to go along with 12 points.

Key Points of The Game: Anytime a key player picks up 2 fouls in the first quarter it is extremely difficult for him to get into his rhythm for the remainder of the game.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


MLK Quarterfinal

Recap 11-25-2009

                                       Hamilton (73) vs. Carver (71)

Area News:  The most electrifying game of this MLK tournament so far took place at Carver today. The Blue Wildcats boys basketball team from Hamilton took on the mighty Carver Cobras. Carver kept a steady lead for most of the game and with four minutes left Carlos Denton picked up his 5th personal foul. Hamilton started to play with a since of urgency and Myron Johnson, Jeff Graham, and Mike Farley step up for Hamilton. With the game tied at 71 with 6 seconds to go Myron Johnson went the full length of the floor pass several Carver defenders to make a ten footer as time expired!!! This was the most exciting game of this early season so far and Hamilton is off to a good start this season under new head coach George Parker. Coach Parker has Hamilton playing with that same heart and passion as Coach Lawson did in that state championship season. Myron Johnson lead all scorers with 34pts, Carlos Denton 10pts 14rbds, Jeff Graham 12pts 8rbds, and Mike Farley 7pts 9rbds. Colin Glover lead Carver with 18pts and Reggie Bates finished 16pts. Good look to both team as the season is just starting.

Denton 10pts 14rbds
Jeff 12pts 8rbds
Myron 34pts
Mike Farley 7pts 10rbds

Colin Glover 18pts
Reggie Bates 16pts

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 11-24-2009

MLK Update


Area News: Craigmont thumps Wooddale despite Marquis Wilson's 22 points, Hamilton downs Carver behind sophomore Myron Johnson's 34 points, Manassas comes from behind to beat Kingsbury with help from the bench in Fred Cotton's 1o points and 11 rebounds.

Recap 11-23-2009

MLK Update

Area News: Jakarious Bradley will battle Joe Jackson for scoring title in Memphis this year after finishing 3rd in last years scoring race. Freshman Nic King added 25 points and 12 rebounds, Sophomore Alex Anderson  at 17 points and defense specialist Anthony Rhyme notched 10 points and shut down Joe Norhtington after Joe hit 6 three's in the first half. East will face Melrose who demolished Kingsbury. Kingsbury will face Manassas today at 3:00 p.m. at Manassas High School. Craigmont trounced Frayser, Melrose humiliated Kingsbury behind Jermaine Holliman's 20 points and suffocating defense plus five players in double figures, Carver slipped by Fairley, Sheffield past the century mark against Believer's Institute out of Milwaukee, Wooddale downs MLK, and Trezevant squeaked by Whitehaven.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 11-21-2009

Area News: Martin Luther King Tournament kicks off today and here is the lineup with all teams heading to Trezevant High School after years at Melrose High School.

High School Boys

Frayser vs. Craigmont 1:00 pm @ Craigmont

Whitehaven vs. Trezevant 1:00 @ Trezevant

East vs. Manassas 1:00 @ Manassas

Fairley vs. Carver 6:00 @ Carver

MLK (Nashville) vs. Wooddale 7:00 @ Wooddale

Milwaukee vs. Sheffield 7:15 @ Sheffield

Kingsbury vs. Melrose 7:30 @ Melrose



Recap 11-18-2009

Area News:          HALL OF FAME UPDATE - Melrose beats Covington 84-68 behind the solid play of Adonis Thomas and Chris Jones. Manassas handles Mitchell by 15 behind Contrell Peterson's  double double at 26 points and 20 rebounds accordingly and Joe Northington at 24 points. Craigmont demolishes Hamilton, Sheffield upsets Ridgeway behind Chris Crawford's 34 points and East thumps Wooddale

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera


Recap 11-14-2009


Area News: Enlarge this picture taken 3 years ago Sherwood vs. Raleigh Egypt, Sherwood first loss of the season. Look at the top players then and where they are now. Example of some of the material that can be viewed at MemphisHoopers.com  


Recap 11-12-2009


Area News: Here is a list of some top players plus some under rated players that are diamond in the rough keep track of these players throughout the 2009-2010 Basketball season.

Players To watch:                                                                                                                                            Laterick Flowers (Memphis Kirby),                                                                                                                      Bobby Jones( Memphis Trezevant),                                                                                                                         Jarnell Stokes (Memphis Central),                                                                                                                          A.J. Cunningham (Cordova),                                                                                                                                    Alan Morris (Memphis Raleigh Egypt),                                                                                                                  Ronerio Lewis (Memphis Craigmont),                                                                                                                Jordan Hulsey (Germantown)

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 11-09-2009

Area News: Melrose comes in at Number 2.-    Adonis Thomas, Chris Jones, Nate Rucker, Telvin Wilkerson
Its now or never for Melrose. Chris Jones, and Nate Rucker will be gone after this season and Bobby Parks status will become clear next week. Melrose would definitely be Number 1 if Parks becomes eligible.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony


Recap 11-07-2009

Area News: As football seasons ends, players begin their basketball careers. Players to watch at Manassas off the football field Julius Parson, OC Brown, and Terrence Oliver (Manassas). Many schools depend on football players to beef up their team plus add aggressiveness and toughness. laye

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 11-05-2009

Area News: Who will come in at Number 1 this year in the Pre Season Rankings. Melrose or White Station? The answer is White Station and if Bobby Parks becomes eligible at Melrose then Melrose will be consensus Number 1 in the Pre Season Rankings. New players to watch will come out November 12, 2009.


Recap 11-02-2009

Area News:  Southwind comes in at Number 3.-Darious Page, Nick Mason, Johnny Williams 3, Montez Phifer, Darren Gray, Walter Davis, Donovan Humphries.
The deepest team in the city this year. Last season they got out muscled by a much bigger Melrose team. I still don't know if they will be tough enough to make it out of Memphis?

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 10-29-2009


Area News: Hoopers Staff has been canvassing the Memphis area high schools during Pre Season to gather all the coaches input. Definitely will be a very interesting high school basketball season especially in talent loaded AAA. AA is going to be even across the board with any one can win that division. Westwood's inception into Single A will be a boost for that school.


Recap 10-28-2009


Area News: Central comes in at Number 4.- Tim Peete, Jernell Stokes, and Maceo Herman. The lost of Tyler Stone and Chris Sledge will hurt but this team still has talent. I cant see them being a state contender because they seem to fold in the Regionals every year.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 10-24-2009

Area News: First day of practice for all TSSAA high schools this Monday (Oct. 25, 2009) and the season is here and Hoopers Staff will be canvassing all Memphis area high schools and talk to all coaches which already started at the coaches meeting several weeks ago at MIAA. 

Recap 10-20-2009


Area News 10-20-09:          

 Players To watch:                                                                                                                                            Sam Garrett  (Memphis Wooddale),                                                                                                                   Marvell Bryant( Memphis Fairley),                                                                                                                         Calvin Rounds (Memphis Sheffield),                                                                                                                      Virgil Davison (Memphis Hillcrest),                                                                                                                        Ervin Morris (Memphis East),                                                                                                                                  Terry Ayers (Cordova),                                                                                                                                                  Caryn Pearson (Memphis Ridgeway)

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony & Harold Rivera

Recap 10-19-2009


Area News: Class of 2010 and 2011 player rankings are finished and can be viewed at the link at the top of the page to the right.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 10-17-2009


Area News: No Repeat for Super 80 as the  CBL All Star Squad coached by Jerry Anthony defeat the Super 80 All Star Squad Chris Crawford, Terrence Durham, and Adonis Thomas led the CBL with Joe Jackson and Todd Mayo leading the Super 80.

CBL vs. Super 80 was another classic matchup with the top area players from all over the region meeting up and CBL prevailing handily over the Super 80 counterparts. As years past many kids were able to showcase their talent heading into the 2009-2010 high school year and to be tagged to be followed throughout the entire season and see what type of games and stats they performed

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 10-15-2009


Area News:  The addition of Bobby Parks Jr. definitely boast Melrose for the Pre Season Number 1. A sure slot at Ridgeway earlier in the year has changes to perennial power Melrose. Eligibility will surely be a issue in this case. The TSSAA Board will review the matter in early November and their should be no problems in him being able to play this year. He has followed all the rules in order to be eligible, so we will see shortly. One more thing on this issue, in the short three years Jermaine Johnson has been at the helm of Melrose he has changes the school just as much as any other coach has with star recruitments. Mitchell High School back in 2001 before Coach Jerry Johnson took over is a perfect example.


By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 10-12-2009


Area News: Ridgeway comes in at Number 5:  Ridgeway Tarik Black, Boo Marshall, Chris Brewer, Monte Brock, Cam Golden
Coach Henning is one of the top Coaches in the state so never count the roadrunners out.


Recap 10-11-2009

Memphis CBL Championship Game

Area News : Knicks demolish the Nuggets by 40 points, the Knicks roster consisted of Nate Rucker (Melrose), Terrance Durham (Craigmont), Anthony Green (Manassas), William Douglass (Manassas), Telvin Wilkerson (Melrose), Ivan Benson (MUS), Keonda Howard (Manassas).                   

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 10-09-2009


Area News: Major players that can make a significant impact will be transferring in the next 2-3 weeks. Schools that will benefit range from Melrose, Mitchell, Ridgeway, and White Station to name a few.     

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 10-05-2009

Area News: Manassas comes in at Number 6: Manassas Cartrell Peterson, Shaq Walker, Anthony Green, Joe Northington. Big lost in Reggie Buckner but Cartrell Peterson is the best big man in 2A so Manassas will be fine. Guard play is always a big factor and Manassas has 3 of the best

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Area News:  Mardrakus Wade of Hargrave Military Academy via Memphis Mitchell Update.

                                                     Chris Crawford (Sheffield)

Recap 10-02-2009

Area News:  Chris Crawford (Sheffield) commits to the The Memphis Tigers. Tigers snag local and a serious sharpshooter in Crawford. Before his career is over at Memphis he will go down as one of the best shooters to ever come thru the University of Memphis. Remember we are talking the likes of Phillip Doom Haynes,

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 9-30-2009

Memphis CBL Playoff Action

Area News: Lakers beat Heat 88-63, Lakers Chris Jones 29pts and Jermaine Holloman 21pts Melrose. Heat Jeremy Whitmore (Raleigh Egypt) 19pts.Knicks beat Celtics 83-81,Knicks Adonis Thomas 39pts 12rbds, Ivan Denson 12pts 5rbds, Telvin Wilkerson 12pts 6rbds, Nate Rucker 10pts, 10rbds. Celtics Alex Anderson 22pts 7ast, and Jarekus Bradley 27pts 13rbds, both from Memphis East High.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 9-29-2009

Area News:   Craigmont comes in at Number 7: Ced McAfee, Terrence Durham, Robert Houston
Coming off the bench for most of last season McAfee and Durham look to be the most explosive back court in the city. Transfers Edrick Bruce from Cordova and Brandon Roberts from Raleigh Egypt will strengthen Craigmont even more.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 9-28-2009

Memphis CBL Action

Area News:   Heat beat the Nuggets 74-62. Heat was led by two Craigmont players Edrick Bruce 24pts and Brandon Roberts 25pts. Nuggets Markell Crawford the super  freshmen from Melrose 15pts 8rbds a Boo Marshall Ridgeway 12pts 8ast.Lakers beat Caves 68-56. Lakers Chris Jones 36pts hitting 8 3-pointers. Cavs Joe Northington 15pts. Celtics beat t-wolves 74-58. Celtics Jarekus Bradley 27pts 9rbds and Alex Anderson 15pts both east T-wolves Darius White (Overton) 16pts. Knicks beat the Pistons 84-65. Knicks Adonis Thomas 26pts 8 rbds and 3blks Cartrell Peterson (Manassas) 23pts, 9 rbds, 4blks, Telvin Wilkerson 14pts 6 rbds 2blks. Pistons Rashard Harris held to just 7pts Andra Applewhite 13pts 5 rdbs.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 9-27-2009

Area News: Germantown comes in at Number 8: Austin Hollins, Todd Mayo
Automatic offense from Ian Clark is a huge lost but Todd Mayo will help them forget. Austin Hollins had a great summer playing with the Nashville Celtics and college coaches have took notice. Tubby Smith (Minnesota) has landed the services of Austin Hollins.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 9-21-2009

Memphis CBL Action

Area News:  Sheffield's Chris Crawford notched 46 points but came up short as the Lakers Chris Jones with a team high at 36 points defeated the Pistons, Cavaliers over T'wolves 65-51 behind Joe Northington's 20 points, Celtics over Heat 57-51 with Jarious Bradley (East) 19 points and Jeremy Whitmore (Raleigh Egypt) at 14 points. Knicks top the Nuggets 67-63 with Marcus Terrance (Kingsbury) 24 points and Drake House (Craigmont) at 14 points.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 9-21-2009

Area News:  Sheffield's Chris Crawford showed yesterday in CBL action that he is a major Div. 1 player. A solid player with a beautiful touch on his shot with perfect rotation, man this kid knows how to get his self open and can shoot. Coaches need to keep an eye on this kid, under rated by major ranking services.  

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera  

Recap 9-17-2009

Area News: Sheffield comes in at Number 9: Chris Crawford, Robert Shaffer, and Calvin Rounds
They return almost every player from a 19-14 record and a state tourney appearance last season. I think Manassas and Sheffield will play for the 2A city title this season. Also with Newby going back to BTW that changes the complexity of everything in AA because he is a game changer.

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Sheffield's Chris Crawford showed yesterday in CBL action that he is a major Div. 1 player. A solid player with a beautiful touch on his shot with perfect rotation, man this kid knows how to get his self open and can shoot. Coaches need to keep an eye on this kid, under rated by major ranking services. Memphis, Mississippi State and Tennessee are his Final 3 schools with a visit to Mississippi State in the next week. Tennessee was the frontrunner but Memphis has made inroads in the past few weeks with Josh Pastner making a home visit and making a sound presentation to the area sharp shooter. Everybody in Memphis will love this recruit because he can flat foot play.

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 9-15-2009

Area News: After careful review the Pre Season Rankings are rolling out and see who has the Number 1 Pre Season Ranking: Melrose, Ridgeway or White Station.        By MemphisHoopers.com

Also what player might transfer to Ridgeway and make a major splash. Present Olive Branch's Bobby Parks will transfer to Memphis Melrose, Ridgeway, and White Station in the next several weeks.

BTW and Melrose vie for the services of sophomore sensation Martavious Newby who is a solid left hand player that does it all in any game he is involved and can easily take over the game. He led BTW last year then transferred to Melrose during the offseason then started back at Melrose at the beginning of the school year. Will he practice with Melrose when the basketball season gears in.  

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

Recap 9-11-2009

Area News: One of the most dominate teams this year will be Olive Branch, MS. This team is loaded with top prospects such as Jalen Moore, Tevin Moore, and Memphis own Bobby Parks Jr. Look for big things as Bobby Parks will be featured on the big stage with 6A POWER Olive Branch. This will be NEW HEAD COACH NICK COLN 1st year at Olive Branch and he is none for bringing out the best in his players. I think Coach Coln will help Tevin Moore, Jalen Moore, and Bobby Parks Jr. add another dimension to their game.       

By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Will Olive Branch be facing two top teams out of Memphis this year?  Manassas and Raleigh Egypt.


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Recap 9-09-2009

Area News: Raleigh Egypt comes in at Number 10 in 2009-2010 Pre Season Rankings differ frolast yeaNo. 1 preseason. Lost Coach Jimmy Adams to Northwest and Coach Holmes. Gentry Hinds, Anthony Johnson, Reggie Fondren, Joe Brady, and Jeremy Holmes. That will be hard to recover from but Ronald Brown and Reshard Harris will get to be featured players now. Super 80 Results will be out tomorrow.   By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony

Recap 9-08-2009  

Area News: Rankings will be rolling out next month on October 1, 2009.

Memphis CBL Action

Area News 9-8-09:Two weeks in a row, three different players have been named CBL's MVP from one school. Week 1 Telvin Wilkerson and Chris Jones Co- MVP and week 2 Adonis Thomas MVP (Melrose). Knicks over Cavaliers 58-51, Timberwolves led by Martaviuos Newby (BTW) 12 pts. and Allen Farmer (Cordova) 10 pts. beat the Nuggets despite Cedric McAfee's 20 points 56-51. The Heat defeat the Lakers 62-53 with three players in double figures: Bruce (Craigmont) 14pts., D. Sorrell (East) at 15 pts and Albert Whitmore leading at 16 points, the Lakers were led by Jermaine Holliman (Melrose) 16 points and big man Darius Moore (Melrose) notched 14 points and this big man has an awesome soft touch from mid range.  By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony


Recap 8-30-2009  

Area News: Overton hires a veteran coach in former Hillcrest High John Anderson who just left the college ranks from Colorado and Northern Illinois. emphis CBL First Wee

Memphis CBL Action

Memphis CBL First Weeks Action was definitely a prelude to the upcoming Memphis CBL season. This is a great platform for area kids that are under the radar to get that much needed exposure. Every year kids that were relatively unknown start their journey to not only  a successful high school career but college the ultimate goal.  By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

CBL ACTION: First week action at CBL: Heat led by Neno Johnson (White Station) defeat Pistons, Lakers behind Chris Jones (Melrose) 22 pts. and Jermaine Holliman's (Melrose) 18 pts. beat the Celtics, and Knicks over the T'Wolves 59-57 behind Tevin Wilkerson's (Melrose) 22 points on some awesome outside shooting.      By Staff Writer Jerry Anthony            

CBHS standout Drew Barnham will walk on at Memphis after receiving a release from Southern Illinois. 

Chris Jones and Telvin Wilkerson (Melrose) CBL Co-MVPS in week 1 action.









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Adonis Thomas @ Melrose

Jarvis Sullivan Westwood CBL Championship MVP


MemphisHoopers.com 17's at Battle on the Bluff at University of Memphis.

Reebok Big Time Tournament

Thaddeus Young posted his second double-double (19 points, 10 rebounds) at Vanderbilt last Saturday.  Thaddeus Young




Class of 2006 is gone and another class with that type of  nationwide clout will be another 10 - 15 years in the making.

Terico White (Ole Miss)


Old School Photo: MemphisHoopers.com 17's at Las Vegas in 2005.