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Week 2 (Dec.1-7, 2009)

      This year for the first time since the 2000-2004 seasons, several teams especially in Division AAA are loaded with talent and harness deep benches going as deep as 9, 10 and 11 in rotation. Very different from teams in recent memory and clarifies the talent in Memphis has reloaded from 5 years ago. White Station, a juggernaut with 6 state championships since the late 90's will lead the way at Number 1 in MemphisHoopers.com 2009-2010 Preseason High School Rankings Poll.  Melrose at Number 2 is the other frontrunner battling White Station as both teams are nationally ranked respectively. Division AAA is loaded with 7 to 8 teams that will field deep rosters having rotations of 9 players or even more. Southwind, Ridgeway, Central, and Germantown are in the middle of the pack in Division AAA with Craigmont going to bolt into that entry sometime during the season. Ridgeway has more experience than any of these clubs but will they turn that into postseason advancement. Raleigh Egypt should make it to the Regionals but that should be as far as they advance than past years teams success. Memphis East will make some noise this year but will they be deep enough to contend with the other Division AAA schools this year after getting their basketball program back on the map after a hiatus. Wooddale, Whitehaven and newly added Mitchell during reclassification will fall short this year. Don't forget about Liberty Tech they seem to always be there near the end of the season. Division AAA is going to be the most competitive in recent years especially on the 16-AAA side with Melrose and White Station battling for state honors and 15-AAA right in the mix. Division AA is gong to be the less talented in memory. Original strongholds BTW and Mitchell to Division AAA fall dramatically. Sheffield and new addition Manassas will battle for Division AA honors with Hillcrest in the jumble. Westwood's first year in Division A might be a banner year for the Longhorns but will it translate into Murfreesboro bound.    

      Division 2 had a nice run from 2003-2007 that ranks as mediocre compared to Memphis standards but at the same time will fall off contagiously in the upcoming basketball school year. Briarcrest, ECS, and St. George's will fall off in Division 2 with CBHS being the only bright spot in Division 2. Olive Branch, MS. should run the Northern section of Mississippi handily but will stumble when it comes to playing the southern section of the state in postseason action. Simple answer to that question is play more stronger  teams from Memphis but then they get intimidated that players will bolt for Memphis. so therefore when they play Lanier, Provine, Murrah and the other city teams they always lose, CATCH 22 isn't it. Memphis Central has received some of the best talent in the city recently and will it payoff in 2010?

       Hold up before anyone says anything, BCS, AP, ESPN all have their rankings formulas depending on many variables and strength of schedule is right at the top. That being the point, can anyone blame the Hoopers staff. If not, then everyone that reads this article what about the Memphis Tigers. Do you think they will be ranked that high playing Southwest, Northwest. Okay done deal!!!!

    Transitional periods are always hard and conforming into policies take time relating to basketball measures.


12-07-09 Weekly Breakdown

    White Station maintained the Number 1 spot with a nail biter versus Southwind. Melrose blew out all opponents by an average of 45 points. Germantown is making a believer of everyone and don't take them lightly at Number 3. Central moved up one with 2 big wins. Southwind falls but they will be in the mix all year with their talented team. A slow week for East but they creped up a spot to 5. Olive Branch, Ms. moved up a slot at 9-0. Craigmont was the major faller in the polls with a major loss to Mitchell that might haunt them all year. BTW and CBHS jumped into the Top Ten poll for the first time this year.     


Week 2 (Dec.7)

Week 2 Results (Nov. 30-Dec.7)

1. White Station (4-0)           

Thriller win against Southwind 92-91.                                                    last week 1

2. Melrose (9-0) 

45 point average wins over Kirby, Liberty Tech, and Middle College..
last week 2

3. Germantown (6-1) 

Beat Briarcrest and Wheeler High School out of Georgia. The Red Devils are for real this year. last week 5

4. Central (4-0)

Beat Bolton and Lee High School out of Huntsville, Alabama.
last week 5

5. Southwind (5-1)

Beat City University and Lost in a nail biter to White Station 92-91. 
last week 4

6. Memphis East (4-1) 

Slow week but Beat Oakhaven 77-73.                                                       last week 7

7. Olive Branch, MS.  (9-0)

8-0 but has not played a top team yet
 last week 8

8. Craigmont (4-2)

Upset Lost to Mitchell, Beat Overton.                                                    last week 3

9. Ridgeway (3-1) 

Back in the poll after a bad loss to Sheffield but a blow out win against Raleigh Egypt gets them back in.                                              Not Ranked

10. CBHS (6-0)

Wins over FCA, Sycamore, and Arlington. 
Not Ranked


Poll Archives (click here)

Updated 12-06-09




Others receiving votes:  Raleigh Egypt (0-0), BTW  (3-0), Cordova (0-0), Sheffield (0-0), Manassas (0-0),   Hillcrest (0-0),  City University (3-2),  St. George's (0-0),  Hernando, Ms. (0-0), Briarcrest (0-0),  Horn Lake, MS. (0-0),  Liberty Tech (0-0), Oakhaven (0-0), Mitchell (0-0, Carver (0-0), MUS (0-0),  Wooddale (0-0),  Whitehaven (0-0),  St. Benedict (0-0), Hamilton (0-0),  Westwood  (0-0), Haywood County (7-6), West  Memphis Christian, Ark. (0-0), Fayette Ware (0-0), Fairley (0-0),  Union City (0-0),  ECS (0-0),  Harding Academy (0-0),

Message Board (click here

Other Teams of Interest: Kirby (0-0), Catholic (0-10), Bartlett (0-0),  Bolton (0-0),   Millington (0-0), Overton (0-0), Frayser  (0-0), Kingsbury (0-0), F.A.C.S. (0-0),  and West  Memphis High, Ark. (0-0)will be added at later date.    


Rankings are out, scroll down

Lewis Jones Jr. 6'3 Junior Carver
John Milewski 6'1 Junior ECS
Terrance Stringfellow 6'8 Junior ECS
John David Little 6'3 Junior Olive Branch, Ms.
Everick Morris 5'10 Junior Olive Branch, Ms.
Gentry Hines 6'1 Junior Raleigh Egypt
Dinero Wash 6'3 Junior Hillcrest
LeMelvis Davis 6'0 Junior Wooddale
Reggie Brown 6'4 Junior Desoto Central
Tony Smith 6'2 Senior Treadwell
Cantrell Peterson 6'7 Sophomore Treadwell

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