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       Reebok Big Time Tournament

    Marriott city search.


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#1 Reggie Buckner

Memphis Senior Rankings 2009. I put more thought into this years rankings then ever before. When I ranked these players I took into consideration Character, talent, potential, and colleges interested.



The top section of rankings are based heavily on head to head action, SCHOOL or SUMMER CIRCUIT


Reebok Big Time Tournament










HT. / WT.


Reggie Buckner



6'8 / 210


Leslie McDonald



6'4 / 190


Johnny Williams


G Mason

6'7 / 215


John David Little

Olive Branch


6'2 / 190


Marlon Brown (SF)

Harding Academy


6'5 / 210


Ian Clark (SG)



6'3 / 180


Anthony Jones (G)

Raleigh Egypt


6'4 / 185


Tyler Stone (F)



6'7/ 205


Larry McGaughey (G)



6'4/ 175


Ferrakohn Hall (SF)

White Station


6'7 / 205


Gentry Hinds (G)

Raleigh Egypt


6'0 / 170


Zack Jones (SF)



6'6 / 190


Mario Bass (PG)



6'0 / 165


Reggie Fondren (G)

Raleigh Egypt


6'4 /180


Terry Leaks (F)



6'5 / 195


Drew Barham


S. Illinois

6'4 / 175


Russell Hill (G)



6'1 / 170


Everick Morris (PG)

Olive Branch


5'10 / 160


Gregg Wooten (PG)



6'3 / 180


Lewis Jones (SF)



6'4 / 185


Chris Price (SG)



6'2 / 180


LeMelvis Davis (G)



5'11 / 165


Travis Bridges (PG)



5'11 / 160


JaMarco Carroll (G)



6'1 / 180


John Milewski (PG)



6'0 / 160


Chris House (F)



6'6 / 210


Jermey Holmes (PG)

Raleigh Egypt


5'10 / 160


Tramarcus Toney



6'2 / 190


Chris Carr-Sledge(G)



5'10 / 160


Ben Norfleet (PF)



6'6 / 210


Chris Mason (G)



6'1 / 180


Montrell Crawford (G)



5'10 / 175
















They Got Next TOP 26 2010

Memphis Junior Player Rankings

#1 Joe Jackson

Players in yellow have top 5 potential.

Todd Mayo may be better then #8. I need to see him play more. Todd I will be out to see you.

Rashun Brown will also be evaluated and ranked in January. Memphishoopers staff need to see more of him.

Brandon Wright I need to see more of him also.




HT. / WT.


Joe Jackson (G)

White Station

 Top 5

6'0 / 160


Terik Black (F)


 Top 5

6'7 / 210


Madrakus Wade (G)


 Top 5

6’3 / 175


Tim Peete (G)


 Top 5

6'4/ 180


Ronald Brown (F)

Raleigh Egypt

 Top 5

6'5 / 205


Contrell Peterson (F)



6'5 / 215


Darren Gray (G)



6'3 / 180


Todd Mayo (G)



6'2 170


Chris Crawford (G)



6'3 180


Anderson Cunningham



6'5 / 185


Shaq Walker (G)



6'1 / 160


Rashard Harris (G)

Raleigh Egypt


6'1 / 180


Nathan Rucker (C)



6'6 / 200


Marquis Wilson (G)



6'1 / 170


Carlos Denton (F)



6’4 / 190


Nick Mason (G)



6'2 / 175


Allen Farmer (G)



5'10/ 170


Jermaine Hollimon



6’4/ 170


Antwan Cathey (C)



6'6 / 220


Darryl Marshall (G)



5'10/ 150


Masceo Harmon (G)



5'9 / 145


Julian Burton (G)

White Station


5’9/ 160


Materrace Brock (G)



6'2/ 170


Eric Watson (G)



5'10/ 200


Johnny Dunavant (G)



6’1/ 160 


Marcus Holloway (G)



5’10/ 160 





City Wide TOP 24 CLASS 2011


Memphis SOPHOMORE Player Rankings

#6 Jalen Moore (Olive Branch)

Players if you think you should be higher on this list I will scout your team this season. When you see me at the game play hard, be coachable, and showcase your talents. Memphishoopers.com will reward you accordingly. Memphishoopers staff love team players and guys that play hard all the time. Remember it does not matter how good you are if you're not getting it done in the class room. Academics are always 1st. JLA






Adonis Thomas



Bobby Parks Jr.

St. Georges


Andre Hollins

White Station


Chris Jones



Joe Northington



Jalen Moore

Olive Branch


Sederic McAfee



Darious Page



Telvin Wilkerson



Marvin Williams

White Station


Kerrell Davis



McCoy Polk



Nino Johnson



Cameron Clear



Octavious Ellis



Myron Askew



Antonio Seals



Chris Porter



Donavan Humprey



Thomas Bailey



Denzel Hardy



Tevin Cox



Jarvis Sullivan



Mike McGee



       City Wide Lucky 21 2008




Willie Atwood & Jalen Jackson (Wonder Jr.)





Jarnell Stokes C



Martavious Newby G



Camerion Golden G



Jalen Jackson F

Wonder Jr.


Robert Houston G



Demarc Richardson F



Andre Applewhite F



Adam Weary G



Devonte Hampton G



Brandon Lewis F



Craig Hill F



Myron Johnson PG



Alex Anderson



Blake Johnson PG



Willie Atwood F

Wonder Jr.


Darius Moore C



Dunta Sears G



Chris Jones G



Javontae Sears F



Darius Sorrell F



Nick Williams PG

Wonder Jr.









                      They had my back!

Midway thru the 3rd quarter Manassas was in for a surprise. Reggie Buckner just got ejected with 12 minutes left in this state title game. Would last years faith repeat itself? No! Manassas got mad and played like they were down 20pts. The Manassas players picked up the pace and went on a 23-3 run. Reggie Buckner was the biggest cheerleader on the bench as Marcus Holloway, Shaq Walker, Joe Northington, JaMarco Carroll, and Kindle Woodard lead the charge. It was a total team effort. Joe Northington’s defense kept the Mr. Basketball finalist Jeremy Sexton in check all game. In a 2nd half rout Manassas won its 1st ever State Title lead by Coach Harris, Coach Adams, and Coach Anthony. Manassas still has a bright future with 8 players returning from this team.  



                                                       Judgment Day Part 3

                                                        Manassas -vs- Scotts Hill

                                                    Raleigh Egypt -vs- Liberty Tech

                                                        Melrose -vs- White Station

                                                           BTW BEAT SHEFFIELD





                                                          Judgment Day Part 2 

                                                                   #3 Manassas -vs- Middleton         #8 Melrose -vs- #6 Ridgeway

                                                                   #4 Central -vs- #9 White Station           Carver -vs- Hillcrest

                                                                       BTW -vs- Sheffield        #1 Raleigh Egypt -vs- Central Merry

                                                                                 #3 Craigmont -vs- #5 Liberty Tech






                                                            Judgment Day Part 1

                                                                Monday, March 2

                                               #2 Manassas beat Adanmsville    #8 Melrose beat #10 Southwind

                                                #4 Central beat Germantown         #6 Ridgeway beat Fairley

                                                    Sheffield beat Treadwell               Carver beat Mitchell





                                                             Lawrence Kinnard

The former Raleigh Egypt standout now UAB star had 25pts 11rbds -vs- the Memphis Tigers on ESPN2. Lawrence has a future in basketball after college.






                                                                                                             Bobby "Ray" Parks

 Bobby Parks Jr. has done what Elloitt Williams and Lawarence Bowers failed to do last season. Get St. Georges to the Division II state finals. Scoring 34pts before fouling out in the 4th Bobby put this team on his back scoring at will. St. Georges will face another local team Friday for the gold ball Harding Academy. Marlon Brown will attempt to win his 2nd state championship.






                                                         Becoming a Leader

Manassas PG Marcus Holloway has learned how to lead. Marcus understands its win or go home time in Tennessee so he has taken his game to a new level. After being a key reserve on last years state runner-up team Marcus is trying to lead Manassas back to state. Marcus “I no it will not be easy but if we play as a team we can get back to state”. "our region is better then people think so we have to bring it from now on".







                                                                    The Battle for the #1 Spot 

The game is only for bragging rights. Let the truth be told Central won this game last year over Ridgeway. Ridgeway went on to win the 3A state title. Central didn’t make it out of Memphis. Most teams won’t to win this game very bad, but the truth is if they put too much energy into winning Thursday their season could end Friday. Melrose and Raleigh Egypt have district games Friday. If Melrose or Raleigh Egypt win Thursday and lose Friday despite being 3A city champs the season would be a failure. For Raleigh Egypt this could be the last ride with Melrose, White Station, Ridgeway, Central and Southwind having young teams. This could be Coach Adams last season and its now or never for Raleigh Egypt. Melrose will never have the quality dept they have again. Most of the Golden Wildcats will be back next season, but player for player this is the deepest team in the city right now. I will watch both boys’ games Thursday but pay attention to the Saturday mourning paper because somebody’s dreams may be shattered.






The Hillcrest Vikings stunned the BTW Warriors Thursday night. Hillcrest came out on a mission and by the end of the 1st quarter Fred Horton looked sick. Hillcrest had held BTW to just 2pts in the entire 1st period. At the end of the 1st the score was 21-2 Hillcrest.. In the 2nd Half  BTW would try to make a run but Hillcrest  didn’t f all apart. LeMelvis Davis  lead  the Vikings  in scoring with 20pts, Brandon Wright 16pts 10rbds, Kerrel Davis 8pts 7ast, and Denero Washington 9pts 8rbds. The final score was 72-47 Hillcrest. After the game several Hillcrest players said they fill like nobody respects them and they got to go out every game and earn respect. I said hold up one minute I respect Hillcrest memphishoopers.com is the only web that has Hillcrest ranked!!! The players said you right coach everywhere we went today around the school they had our picture and your article posted everywhere!!!! We got pumped for this game!!!  I must note that when BTW got down only one player showed me toughness, hart, and desire Martavious Newby. Mark my words this kid is very special and will move up the memphishoopers.com 2012 rankings.





                                                                 Cottrell Peterson 47pts 23rbds and Anthony Green 33pts 7rbds 5ast

Treadwell will be a tough team come post season. Treadwell did what most people thought was impossible for them. The Eagles soared high and Knocked off Sheffield 100-99. Treadwell had two players combine for 80pts!!! That's unreal!



                          # 9 Melrose on the rise!!!

 The Mighty Melrose squad stands at 6-1 this season. They have won six games this year by an average of  36.1 points. Melrose is beginning to look like the team I predicted they would be. They bounced back  from a lost to Kirby to annihilate there next two opponents Carver and Mitchell. Next key game for Melrose will be January 6, 2009 Central @ Melrose. 






                                                            Hillcrest in the HOUSE!!!!

Hillcrest is one of the best 2A teams in the city this season. Tonight they square off against the BTW Warriors. This match-up could be a pre-view of the 2A City Title game. Memphishoopers staff will be in the house. This Hillcrest team is Hungry but BTW will be a tough challenge. See you at Hillcrest.  



Southwind on the rise (Donavon Humphrey)   

 Interesting things  Week 2 Southwind got revenge over Germantown and knocks off Kirby in a district game. White Station struggles for 3 quarters against Houston then gets embarrassed at the Marshall Co. Hoopfest. Briarcrest struggles with Harding who lost to Lausanne. Manassas destroys Northside in front of a max crowd and then gets the road win at Carver. Hillcrest without Brandon Wright beat Fairley by 20pts. Sheffield lost to Whitehaven and Kirby this week. Melrose defeated carver by 19 with only 4 players scoring for Carver. BTW destroys Middle College and beats Hamilton. River City beats Douglas by 30 pts. Olive Branch ran thru Cordova. Raleigh now has wins over White Station, Ridgeway, and Olive Branch. Mitchell gets a combined 52pts from Wade and Hill but still came up short against Fairley. WOW!!! Northside got a win this week over River City





                                                                 Fernando "the franchise" Vanhook

                    #1 Athlete in the class of  2013

 Name another middle school player who averages 28pts a game in Football and Basketball!!!! Today Humes Middle played Treadwell Middle. Humes Middle won 49-44. The story of the game was Fernando leading the way with 37pts 12rbds 11stls 4ast. This kid is special. I have never witnesses a kid dominate basketball and football like this. He also dominates in class with a 3.5gpa. JLA


                                         It was standing room only in North Memphis Tuesday Night!

                                                               Manassas defeated Northside 82-46

  Reggie Buckner lead Manassas to victory with 20pts 13rbds 6blks 8ast 4 monster Dunks and took 6 charges. Reggie is the only player in the state of Tennessee who dominates the game on both ends of the floor. This was the 1st game of the season for Manassas and they didn't look rusty. Manassas played 15 guys and 14 of them scored a basket. Manassas played good team ball and thats what they need to have a winning season. JLA




                                                     Kendel Anthony      Ricky Williams    Cordero Williams                       

                              #1 Liberty Tech goes 5-0 this week playing in Memphis!   

  Interesting things  Week 1:  Liberty Tech goes 5-0 playing in Memphis to win the MLK Tourney. Raleigh Egypt wins two big in town games before losing in Alabama to Bob Jones High. Ridgeway struggles against Trezevant winning by 2 in OT. Craigmont defeated a good Kirby team to advance in the MLK Tourney. Kirby beats Hamilton by 20+ and defeats a good Melrose team in the quarterfinals of the MLK tourney. Germantown starts the season 5-0 with a big win over rival Southwind. Carver upsets Fairley in MLK Tourney. Wooddale upsets Whitehaven in MLK Tourney. Sheffield defeats Mitchell by 21pts. Hillcrest defeats Frayser as LeMelvis Davis goes for 41pts. Still no sighting of Reggie Buckner how long is he out? Central falls to Poplar Bluff by15pts! Will someone on the White Station roster step up and be the defensive presence that Marquette Murrell was?. Murrell will be missed more than some think.   




Xavier Henry

                                                                               The X-MAN is a TIGER

   The University of Memphis has just landed the #1 SG in the class of 2009 Xavier Henry. The X-Man announced today at 10:00am that he was headed to Memphis to play with his brother CJ Henry. Memphis and Kansas where in a tug a war over this kid and Memphis won. For more info check out rivals.com and scout.com.





 The TSSAA has just unleashed a BEAST in MEMPHIS 

                                                  2 sport star Eric Watson has just been cleared by the TSSAA

   This is a bad day for District 16AAA. A Melrose team that won the district and didn't lose any major players due to graduation has just added 2 players with Division 1 potential. Eric Watson and Jermaine Holloman are starters on any team in the City. If this team plays as 1 unit with 1 goal they will make it to the glass house. Melrose has more talent player for player than any other school in the state. Any Coach would love to have this problem but remember the team with the most talent don't win the state most years. The team that plays as 1 will get the job done. If all players put egos aside no 1 will wont to play this team come post season.                                                                    




                                                                Davon Mathena  plays for a LEGEND!

If you think for one second you will walk into Douglas High this season and come out with an easy win I must warn you....Coach Ted Anderson is in the building. If you think a team lead by Coach A will be afraid it could be along night.  Coach A won a state title at Hamilton

The #1 player this season at Douglas is Davon Mathena a 6'1" 170lbs SG. This sophomore will turn some heads this year with his sweet stroke from deep and his defensive pressure.  JLA





                                                                                 Frankie Bouger CBHS

        It was just another day at the super 80. Everything was just normal. You know… Joe Jackson was doing his thing and Mardrakus Wade was laying the smackdown. Until something happened, BOOM!!! A 6’2, 175lbs kid just dunked over the 6’8, 220lbs PF from Ridgeway. Whooo!!! Who is this kid I thought. After the game was over, I got the scoop. The 6’2, 175lbs kid was Frankie Bouger (CBHS). College Coaches, you got to hurry and get to CBHS!  This kid is the real deal.





Front Runners for Breakout Player of the Year

Chris Mason


Frankie Bouger (CBHS)

Chris Jones (Melrose)

Chris Mason (Melrose)

Chris Crawford (Shieffield)

Joe Northington (Manassas)

Shaq Walker (Manassas)

Russell Polk (Middle College)

Terik Black (Ridgeway)

Cordero McLain (Ridgeway)

LeMelvis Davis (Hillcrest)

Derren Gray (Southwind)

Darious Page (Southwind)

Reggie Fondren (Raleigh Egypt)

Ronald Brown (Raleigh Egypt)

Terry Leakes (Whitehaven)

Anderson Cunningham (Cordova)

Contrell Peterson (Treadwell)

Todd Mayo (Houston)

Travis Bridges (BTW)

Johnnie Dunavent (Bolton)




WS  v 

                                                                Walters State RANKED 4th in the NATION!!!

  Trey Payne ready for another run at greatness. Trey Payne has always been a winner since age 8 playing AAU . Ten years later nothing has changed. Trey had a great season last year leading Manassas to 35 wins and the state finals. Trey averaged 10.3ppg 2.8rbds 4.2stls 6.4ast per game. This season he will be the floor General for the 4th ranked team in the nation. WALTERS STATE







                                                                                         McDonald's All-American?

                                                                       Reggie Buckner  "I like my chances"

  Q: After years of flying under the radar do you like all the attention you get now? RB its ok It hasn't changed me I still think I'm hungry and have something to prove. Q: But didnt you accomplish what you wanted this summer? RB Yes and No. I had a great summer and the right Coaches and scouting services saw me play but I wanted to win the battle at the Bluff in Memphis. The Hoopers made it to the Final 4 without me I got injured the 1st game. Q: Did you no that you and Leslie McDonald are the front runners from Tennessee to make the McDonalds All-American Team. RB Coach Harris told me this mourning that I was nominated. Q:So who is going to make it? RB I hope both of us make it Leslie McDonald is a great player also. Q: What if they only picked one player from Tennessee. Q: Who makes it? RB Leslie Buckner lol!!!  



Leslie McDonald

21 players from Tennessee are nominated for McDonalds All-American Team

Reginald Buckner (Manassas)

Leslie McDonald (Braircrest Christian)

John Jenkins (Station Camp)

Ferrakohn Hall (White Station)

Zaccheus Mason (CPA)

Drew Kelly (Centennial)

Marlon Brown (Harding Academy)

Johnnie Williams (Briarcrest Christian)

Drew Barham (CBHS)

James Gallman (Fulton)

Skylar McBee (Grainger)

Ian Clark (Germantown)

Jeremy Sexton (Temple)

Demonte Simpson (Bearden)

Deonte Alexander (Glencliff)

Nathan Parker (Bearden)

Chris Reaves (Bolivar Central)

C.J. Crittendon (Dyer County)

Gregg Wooten (Braircrest Christian)

Blake Jenkins (Bearden)

Tyler Stone (Memphis Central)




                                                                                                  Mitchell lost 4 D-1 players

                                                                              Ken Torry!  Jarvis Jones!  Lewis McCaster!  Eric Buggs!

                                                                                         Mr. Wade says NO Problem!

  Many people thought my team was done when Thad & Co. lost to Liberty Tech in 2006 State Title game. WRONG! We made it back to State the next to seasons. I feel like this season wont be any different. We have some unknown guys ready to step up just like we did when Thad, Brandon, Andre, and the Ervins graduated. The only thing worst than losing a State Title game would be for us to not make it to Murfreesboro. I never dream of being State Runner-up but that's still a great season. I must lead this team back now!





      Memphishoopers.com 2008-2009 District Predictions

                           Districts in order from 1st place to last place

 District 16 A                            District 15 AA                     District 16 AA      

 Manassas Champs                  Trezevant Champs                Mitchell Champs

 Middleton                                    Carver                                      Sheffield

 Middle College                            BTW                                         Hillcrest

 City University                             Treadwell                                 Oakhaven

 Fayette Academy                        Frayser                                    Westwood

 MASE                                          Douglass



 District 14 AAA                        District 15 AAA                        District 16 AAA

 Ral-Egypt Champs                    White Station Champs             Melrose Champs

 Craigmont                                   Ridgeway                                       Central

 Bolton                                          Southwind                                       Fairley

 Cordova                                      Germantown                                Kingsbury

 Bartlett                                         Kirby                                             Whitehaven

 Millington                                      Houston                                         Hamilton

 Arlington                                      Wooddale                                        East

                                           Collierville                                      Northside









                                                                                                    Bobby Ray Parks Jr.  

  The new #1 player at St Georges Ray Parks Jr. Last season as a freshman Ray was the 3rd option playing behind Elliott Williams (Duke) and Laurence Bowers (Missouri). This season will be different Ray Parks Jr. will be the #1 guy. Look for great things this season as Ray Parks Jr. will be the front runner to win memphishoopers.com Most Improved Player Award.

At the end of this season memphishoopers.com will have an awards ceremony. Categories will be Most Improved Player, Breakout Player of the Year, Most Valuable Player Of The Year, Coach Of The Year, and Team Of The Year.



Andre Hollins White Station

Marvin Williams White Station

Russell Hill Mitchell

Nate Rucker Melrose

Jermaine Holliman Melrose

Quinton Lowe Melrose

Cedric McAfee Craigmont

McCoy Polk Craigmont

Cameron Clear Central

Monterrence Brock Ridgeway

Morse Moten Hamilton

Carlos Denton Hamilton

Marcus Holloway Manassas

JaMarco Carroll Manassas

William Douglas Manassas

Donavan Humprey Southwind

Denzel Hardy Southwind

Kerrell Davis Hillcrest

Rashard Harris Raleigh Egypt





CBL -VS- Super 80

                                                  THE SUPER 80 Crowned #1 Fall League

    Joe Jackson 20pts and Mr. Hall 17pts (White Station) lead the super 80 to victory. This game was long awaited and full of suspense. The only thing that would have made this game bigger if Reggie Buckner, Chris Jones, and Tyler Stone would have been there for the CBL. Still the Cbl put on a good fight lead by Chris Crawford 20pts (Sheffield) and Anthony Jones 14pts (Raleigh Egypt). The Super 80 played more "team ball". Todd Mayo and Joe Jackson looked great in the backcourt together. The Cbl didnt have any body that could match Hall's size in the paint but Jamal Conley 12pts (Sheffield) did a good job holding his own. Another thing that shocked me was the Super 80 doubled the smaller CBL in fastbreak scoring. The final score was 75-71 Super 80 fall league Champs 2008.

                                                The CBL 1st Team

Anthony Jones Jr. 19.6ppg 2.6ast (Raleigh Egypt)

Adonis Thomas 20ppg 8rbds 3.8ast (Melrose)

Jamal Conley 19.3ppg 8.7rbds (Sheffield)

Chris Crawford 19.2ppg 7.6rbds 5.4ast (Sheffield)

Ronald Brown 18.8ppg 8.8rbds (Raleigh Egypt)

Anderson Cunningham 17ppg 5rbds (Cordova)

Joseph Northington 20.2ppg 8.1rbds 3.7ast (Manassas)

Joe Brady 13.7ppg 8.5rbds (Raleigh Egypt)

Nate Rucker 11ppg 7rbds (Melrose)

Chris Jones 18.3ppg 8.7rbds 4.5ast (Melrose)


Super 80 1st Team

 Marvin Williams (White Station)

Tarik Black (Ridgeway)

Cedric McAfee (Craigmont)

Zachary Jones (Craigmont)

Mario Bass (Kirby)

Mardracus Wade (Mitchell)

Greg Wooten (Briarcrest)

Todd Mayo (Houstont)

Farrakhan Hall (White Station)

Joe Jackson (White Station) 

All players be at Mississippi Blvd Church Sunday at 5pm for the pre game


Chris Crawford Finals MVP

Recap 10-4-2008  


        The Piston defeated the Bulls 74-72 to win the CBL Title. This was a game that had multiple lead changes and when it looked liked one team had won it...the other team made clutch shots to keep it going. After bouncing from end to end for 40 minutes we needed overtime. The OT period was much like the first 40 minutes. It looked like we would need double OT but Jamal Conley made the game winning basket as time expired. The Pistons were lead by Chris Crawford 21pts and Jamal Conley 20pts (Sheffield) The Bulls Adonis Thomas 22pts and Quinton Lowe 23pts.  


Recap 8-25-2008  

Memphis CBL Action

 CBL in it's sixth year with co-founder Kater Jones and 2006 CBL MVP, Randy Culpepper. The 5th Annual All Star Game which featured the top players from not only Memphis but the state of Tennessee again this year will be the top fall league in the state with more ranked players statewide than another league in the state.

     The CBL is a great opportunity for local area kids to gain recognition and build their confidence for the upcoming high school basketball season.

      Rosters will be viewable as teams are drafted and placed accordingly. On the home page you see the first 3 lottery picks that were picked by Kater Jones and Jermaine Johnson to start off the balance of teams.  All information is posted below and any question feel free to call                                      Contact:  Kater Jones at 859-3275.


Area News:

The first week of Memphis CBL League can be viewed at this link.

10th - 12th Grade Teams & Rosters for 2008

Team Rosters W-L Coach Contact
Lakers 1-2 Harold Rivera 901-828-2380
Bulls 2-1 Nathan Ervin 901-921-4239
Pistons 1-2 Martinis Jackson 901-644-4731
Heat 1-2 Albert Whitmore 901-679-3663
Knicks 2-1 Ray Johnson 901-598-7170
Timber Wolves 2-1 Anthony Jones & Kater Jr. 901-238-9410 & 901-650-8650

9th - 10th Grade Teams for 2008

Team Rosters Coach Contact
Tennessee Jevonte Holmes 901-270-0583
Memphis Fred Jones & Vernon Cox 901-212-3279, 901-832-8762
Louisville Earl Anderson 901-292-8367
North Carolina McLee ??????????
Duke Aldonis London 901-650-7999
Kansas Daryl Lester 901-337-4325


Recap 8-11-2008  

Area News:

The first week of Memphis City Schools and the Hoopers staff wants to know what kids are here and there. Here is a small breakdown of 2008-2009 teams bio. Manassas had a top 3 recruiting class to return to the state championship game with the additions of Joe Northington and Tevin Cox  to go along with Ole Miss signee and Top 100 Rivals Reginald Buckner (OLE MISS). Both top sophomores in the state. Southwind with the addition of Darren Gray from Overton will  make some serious noise and has a strong chance of making a run for district honors. Craigmont and Trezevant will be better than I originally anticipated. Bolton has a nice nucleus led by John Dunavant (2010) but Germantown will be some where in the hunt. Mitchell picked up a great coach but will Madrakus Wade Stay and what players will come to Mitchell immediately, if not it will be a long year. Wooddale is going to have a long year also with the loss of Gray and LeMelvis Davis (Wooddale) will hurt. Hillcrest increased their postseason opportunities enormously with the addition of Davis (Wooddale) and Denero Wash. BTW will have a down year, Carver will make a strong run, will they go farther than the Regionals. Can Central advance further than a first round regional loss? Raleigh Egypt in maybe Coach Adams last year will make a solid run for state honors and have just a good chance as any other AAA Memphis strongholds in White Station and Ridgeway. Sheffield fields a strong starting five and is preseason 16_aa favorites, Westwood will surprise a lot of opponents with senior Dominique Shaw's play . Fairley with Sylvester Ford in over 30 years of coaching will be competitive as year in and year out, plus the transfer of Anderson Cunningham (Cordova) will solidify another strong line up in one of the strongest Districts in the State 16-AAA. Ridgeway again will make a run with eligible Boo Marshall who will make a claim to be one of the top guards not only in the city but the state, Tarik Black (6'8 - 195 lbs.) had a monster summer on the circuit and Cordero Maclin (6'8 - 205 lbs.) White Station will make a lot of headlines in the local paper especially with the prep sports editor a alumni of White Station, can you blame him, NO. Joe Jackson and Farrakhon Hall will lead the way with the younger group very promising in Marvin Williams and Andre Boone. Olive Branch, Ms. will dominate the Northern part of Mississippi with John David Little (MTSU) will lead the way. Melrose had Melrose had a top 5 recruiting class and offensive scoring threat Chris Jones had a awesome summer on the circuit to lead an already loaded squad. Hamilton, Northside and East will all have a long year. Kingsbury will surprise many opponents and field some of the top athletes in the city. Cordova and Collierville will need to address their basketball programs with their enormous enrollments and horrible basketball results, Houston with addition of O.J. Mayo's little brother will need more help as football prevails at that school. Memphis Home School Eagles have three really good players on their team that will represent well in the postseason. ECS will be the strongest private school member over early season favorite Briarcrest. CBHS and MUS will not be as strong as teams past, maybe MUS a little bit better.


Age Divisions 2006-2007 Archives Example

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