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2008 Season Predictions

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              WHITE STATION 2007-2008                                                      

    Jesus Patino in his third year at White Station will have a sub par year for the veteran coach to Memphis standards in local basketball. The Spartans have one of the best postseason records in state history and have a tall order to sustain. Sophomore Joe Jackson (6'1 - 170 lbs.) who was named MVP of the Regionals last year, and the first for a freshman to be named with such a honor is definitely the best player for Class 2010. His supporting cast will be the unanswered question for this squad after some transfers are in effect. High profile players place you in major nationwide tournaments starting with Rumble on the Ridge in Forrest City, Arkansas, Marshall County Hoopfest in Kentucky December 8, 2007.

     Senior Eric Buggs departure to Mitchell will hurt the most out of all the transfers, Chris Downey to Ridgeway will also effect. New transfer Farrakhon Hall from MUS will boost the front line but it will be until March before he will be eligible to play, long ways off. Sophomore Julian Burton will notch major minutes at the guard spot and probably start a couple times. Senior Marquette Murrell will anchor the middle respectively.

    Newcomers Marvin Harris, Danny Harris and Andre Boone will bolster a strong freshmen class and should play major minutes accordingly. White Station can make some noise if they play their cards right. yet to be determined.

College Coaches: Diamond in the Rough Team with legitimate off the radar prospects, (college coaches click here).

Recap 11-28-2007


Marquette Murrell 6'6 Senior
Kaylon Durham 6'2 Senior
Joe Jackson 6'1 Sophomore
Julian Burton 5'10 Sophomore
Danny Harris    
Marvin Williams    
Jordan Miles    
Harry Green    

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