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2008 Season Predictions

Class AA, Region 8,   District 16
Record: 2-3 (0-1)
Principal Ms. Tommie McCarter
4480 Westmont Rd
Memphis, TN 38109


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               WESTWOOD 2007-2008                                                      

    First year coach Isiah Brown leads a talented group of young men especially a very strong freshmen class, one of the best in the city. A group of nice athletes but with no summer circuit action under their belt other than the freshmen.  All the opposing teams players hit the summer circuit to fine tune their games and later strive on the high school level.

     With their leading scorer transferring to Central (Chris Carr) last year, senior Courtney Bell (6'4 - 180 lbs. diamond in the rough) returns as the leading scorer. Other seniors of importance are Patrick Handy (6'5 - 190 lbs., diamond in the rough), D'Shaun Bracey (6'1 - 160 lbs., diamond in the rough), and Joshua Brownlee (6'4 - 185 lbs., diamond in the rough) rounds out a solid starting line up overall.

     Last year Westwood didn't play any tournament games and also didn't have a full schedule. This year a total different story with Coach Brown setting up a nice and interesting schedule that includes the MLK and Fayette Ware Classic around the holidays.

     Freshmen of interest are Jarvis Sullivan (6'4 - 180  lbs., diamond in the rough), and Michael McGhee (5'10 - 155 lbs., diamond in the rough

College Coaches: Diamond in the Rough Team with legitimate off the radar prospects, (college coaches click here).


Recap 12-05-2007


Courtney Bell 6'4 Senior
D'Shaun Bracey 6'1 Senior
Larry Bell 5'10 Senior
Joshua Brownlee 6'5 Senior
Brandon Brown 6'2 Senior
Greg Nelson 6'3 Senior
Durell Broadnax 6'4 Junior
Courtney Holt 6'0 Sophomore
Demetrius Boyd 6'5 Sophomore
Jarvis Sullivan 6'4 Freshmen
Ori Hall 6'4 Freshmen



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