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Shelby County
1880 Wolf River Blvd
Collierville, TN 38017

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    Third year Coach Jeff Ruffin of St. George's has assembled a nationwide squad that will play a nationwide schedule next year. Last year Elliott Williams made a name for himself on a understaffed St. George's squad, this year he has some tremendous help in  junior Lawrence Bowers (6'7 - 190 lbs., diamond in the rough)

    Summer circuit action for Williams and Bowers on Mike Millers 33 Ballerz benefited both of these young men. Senior point guard Steven Leake at the point guard position will help with outside shooting and ball control. Juniors Ben Popeck and Eric Faulk will contribute across the board. Seniors Wes George and Wil Slatery will notch serious minutes all season long.

     A weak schedule might come back and haunt them with Central, Germantown and Briarcrest as the only tough opponents, not only in the early part of the schedule but the entire season schedule. It's like the college,"rpi deal".


Steven Leake 5'10 Senior
Wes George 6'5 Senior
Wil Slatery   Senior
Elliott Williams 6'4 Junior
Lawrence Bowers 6'7 Junior
Eric Faulk   Junior
Ben Popeck   Junior
Grant Jensen   Junior

Recap 12-18-2006

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