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abcdreebok.jpg (4843 bytes)Division II
Record:13-3 (0-3)
Shelby County
2100 Germantown Pkwy.
Cordova, TN 38016 

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Zach Ricketts






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    Second year Coach Erick Messmer will contest in the newly created D-2 district and has the potential to actually win the district and go far in the postseason, even state. Two top 30 players in the city in seniors Zach Ricketts (#18) committed to West Point and sharp shooter Kevin Doran (#29) will lead the way, plus a well coached supporting cast on hand that will be tested early before their strong district schedule starts.

    Guard play is young and will better as the season progresses in sophomore Chase Smith (5'9 - 150 lbs.) and junior Ethan Livingston (6'2 - 160 lbs. diamond in the rough). A strong schedule will benefit the Eagles at Auburndale down the stretch. Games against district opponents MUS, ECS, CBHS to name a few will be very important in how far they go into postseason. 

     Zach Ricketts has the potential to be a Top 10 player and is one of the most athletic players overall in Class of 2008. Seniors Michael Allen (5'11- 170 lbs. and Jake Sudduth  (5'11- 160 lbs.) will add valuable minutes and scoring. They will have to step up during the season when their other senior counterparts get in foul trouble or just cold shooting lapses.  


Zach Ricketts 6'7 Senior
Kevin Doran 6'5 Senior
Jake Sudduth 5'11 Senior
Michael Allen 5'11 Senior
Matt Noelke 6'1 Junior
Ethan Livingston 6'2 Junior
Paul Frierott 6'1 Sophomore
Chase Smith 5'11 Sophomore

Recap 12-18-2006


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