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abcdreebok.jpg (4843 bytes)Class AAA, Region 7, District 14
Record: 0-0 (0-0)
      Principal Michael Bailey   Shelby County
3970 Voltaire
Memphis, TN 38128

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2008 Season Predictions


         RALEIGH EGYPT 2009-20010  

    Raleigh Egypt for the first time in ten years or more is in the preseason rankings but not as a top 5 team pick, surprised many people not only in the tri- state area but nationally. Veteran coach Jimmy Adams (41 year coaching history) has moved on to Northwest Mississippi College after Raleigh Egypt finished state runner up in last years 2009 TSSAA State Championship. First year coach Brian Brooks inherits a solid team but not to AAA counterpart standards. Division AAA teams will be tremendously loaded on both division sides from years past instead of just a couple of teams being loaded, all teams have deep rotations and more. The loss of Anthony Jones and Gentry Hines will hurt but seniors Robert  'Tank' Smith, (6'5 - 215 lbs.), Rashard Harris (6'2- 185 lbs. diamond in the rough), and  Alan Morris (6'4 - 200 lbs. diamond in the rough) will contribute heavily all season long. Junior Jeremy Whitmore, (6'0 - 175 lbs., diamond in the rough) will have to step up especially with his sharp shooting skills, this kid can really shoot. All these players are definitely major recruiting diamonds.

    A schedule that resembles a mild schedule compared to years past. They will attend Prince County George Christmas Tournament and the annual Huntsville Tournament. How a big boy player puts you in the national limelight. Arnette Moultrie came late and would of been a major puller but not a regular from the school and rules. Let me explain; Mo went their all four years and marketed highly from middle school and look at the prestigious tournaments they attended in his career. Craigmont going to the national Chick Fila tournament due to Terico White. Hamilton went four years ago and won it but did not return to defend crown, Why? Players not to the tournament directors standards. Crazy system but that is the way it is.

    Young players will be vying for some major playing time from juniors  Diere McElroy, (6'3 - 195 lbs., diamond in the rough) Nick Stewart, and Marco Henderson will contribute respectively.


Rashard Harris 6'2 Senior
Alan Morris 6'5 Senior
Robert Brown 6'5 Senior
Jeremy Whitmore 5'10 Junior
Nick Stewart 6'3 Junior
Marco Henderson 6'3 Junior
Diere McElroy 6'3 Junior

College Coaches: Diamond in the Rough Team with legitimate off the radar prospects, (college coaches click here).


Updated 11-07-2009

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