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November Issue:           

Melrose @ Fairley (Hall of Fame Game)

       Recap 11-16-2010

#1 Melrose (66)@ Fairley (34)  

       Melrose ranked in the Top 5 of all major publications in the country comes in the 2010 2011 season as the favorite especially in Memphis and all of Tennessee. Melrose starts off the game fast with an aggressive full court pressure defense forcing the Bulldogs into 11 first half turnovers that the Wildcats converted in easy buckets and several dunks that sparked the team and crowd at the same time. Melrose closed the first quarter up 18-4 with Fairley choosing on poor shots to go along with the numerous turnovers especially in the paint early in the game.  In the second half the Bulldogs shook off some of the fear they had for Melrose and started to take more shots with confidence. Six charges committed by Fairley will make them a better ball club as these young men will learn to control their dribble penetration moves in their first contest of this young basketball season. Memphis signee Adonis Thomas (20 points) displayed his awesome athletic ability with two easy dunks, one on a alley opp from sophomore K.C. Godwin and the other a rebound put back that he did with super ease. Auburn signee Cedric McAfee (10 points) also had a good night displaying his strong overall game and strong defense to nab 4 steals handily. McAfee knows he can jump high on all his jump shot attempts and hits the board as good as any guard in the state with authority. Melrose goes in the half up 34-11 and with this being their first official and refereed game the Wildcats looked extremely  poised early in the new basketball season and at the same time played the entire bench in the process.  Melrose only outrebounded Fairley on a 10 - 6 margin in the first half with Fairley recording 11 turnovers to Melrose 8 turnovers. Melrose had 5 assists to Fairley 1 assist and the Wildcats led in the steals department by notching 4 to 2 ratio over the Bulldogs.

     Fairley outscored the Wildcats 16-14 in the third quarter as the Bulldogs actually shot the ball well when they got an open opportunity with them swinging the ball pretty good and the open man shooting the ball instead of holding the ball or just being scared as in first half action. Melrose emptied the bench midway thru the fourth quarter as veteran coach Sylvester Ford for Fairley tried everything possible to tilt the game in their favor to no avail. Melrose starts off the 2010-2011 campaign to repeat as state champions in good form as it will not get no easier as the season progresses along.

     Fairley junior Gregory Curtis finished the game with 14 points and showed off nice form on his outside jump shot with mild elevation. Fairley 7'0 Sam Edwards started off a little slow since not playing any summer circuit due to injury but being only in the 10th grade he has this year and two more years to get better at his overall game.

     Melrose senior Adonis Thomas notched 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists in a strong overall showing. Senior teammate Cedric McAfee at 4 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 assists (Auburn) in a solid showing.

Key Points of The Game: Melrose second half strong overall play with very aggressive defensive pressure that caused numerous Fairley turnovers and poor shot selection.


Team Rebounds Turnovers Assists Steals Blocks
Melrose 21 15 9 6 3
Fairley 8 20 5 3  

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

























Ed Hardy



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