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November Issue:           

Manassas @ Melrose (Martin Luther King Tournament)

       Recap 11-24-2010

Manassas (73) @ Melrose (102)

       Second round matchup in the 40th Annual Martin Luther King Holiday Tournament at Melrose High School in Memphis, Tennessee of two totally different teams. A veteran team in Melrose with four players in double digits against a very young team in Manassas where both schools have had a taste of state championship success in the last three years with Manassas capturing the gold ball in 2009 and the silver ball in 2008 while Melrose did the accomplishment last year. A mismatch from the beginning with the Wildcats applying very strong defense all night long causing the Tigers into 16 first half turnovers. Melrose went into the half up only in single digits where the lead stayed in double digits majority of the game 43-34.  Manassas surprisingly out rebounded Melrose 17-14 but the Tigers led with a 16-5 margin in the turnovers department.  Melrose notched 10 steals in the first half to Manassas 5. Assists department Melrose had a 8-5 lead over the Tigers.

     Second half was all Melrose with the Wildcat lead swelling as high as 28 points in a demonstrative performance. Score at the end of the third quarter was Melrose in total control of the game with a 78-52 advantage over the Tigers. The fourth quarter was the same with the Tigers not be able to muster any sort of comeback effort as the Wildcats stomped any attempt immediately.  Senior Telvin Wilkerson (SEMO) had an very impressive performance with 31 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals doing everything his coach asked of him from running the team, hitting mid range shots, drives to the goal, three point shots, the whole package for the night in strong fashion. Auburn signee Cedric McAfee at 22 points and 5 steals handily.

     Manassas junior Dontavious Sears finished the game with a team high 19 points and 6 rebounds in another strong performance. Freshman Rayford Albright added 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists accordingly.

     Melrose senior Adonis Thomas notched 15 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 steals in another nightly great performance. Junior Adonis Thomas at 11 points in a supporting role.

Key Points of The Game: Melrose dominance the entire and snubbing out any Manassas comeback attempts in rare form despite all distractions the Wildcats have received already in the early season.

Team Rebounds Turnovers Assists Steals Blocks
Melrose 33 11 13 16 5
Manassas 27 24 8 2  

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

























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