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   Kedorian Sullivan @ Southwind



  Marlon Brown (Harding Academy - Georgia Football)

Hoopers 17's capturing AAU Super Regional Regional


Martino Brock of Nashville Christian Advancement Academy.



Brandon Powell of Florida

High Flying Mike Beasley (Kansas State University)






December Issue:           

       Recap 12-03-2010

Findlay Prep, Las Vegas (69) @  Ridgeway (44)

       A total mismatch from the tip off with Ridgeway having one of the weakest teams in roadrunner history especially winning four state titles since 2000. It is a great pleasure to watch a team full of Division 1 players from top to bottom as Findlay Prep garners and where you are use to seeing in East Coast gaints as Findlay Prep has claims to probably one of the best programs in the country.. Texas signee Myck Kabongo of Toronto, Canada lead all scorers with 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists with his outstanding play on getting to the rim and breaking down defenses. Arizona bound and with his deceptive play is another outstanding player who can do it all in Nick Johnson from full court vision and great decisions, smooth outside shot, and will go up their and block your shot like Brandon Powell of Mitchell use to do finished with 9 points and 5 assists. Anthony Bennett who has offers from all the major schools at 14 points and 11 rebounds in dominating form down low. Nigel Williams-Goss who is headed to UNLV at 9 points and 6 rebounds portrayed his great knowledge and smart play throughout the game. Coach Michael Peck has amasses some of the best talent in the country and with coaches as from Kevin Stallings of Vanderbilt, Kent State, Memphis, to name a few in attendance.

     Ridgeway only bright spot was junior Cameron Golden at 14 points and 4 steals. He was the only player to score with no problems majority of the game and if his shot would of fell the outcome could of been a little different as he had good looks but the ball would just not fall tonight but will in future games. Other Ridgeway players had major problems trying to score against the better Findlay players.

Key Points of The Game: Findlay Prep dominance the entire game and snubbing out any Ridgeway attempts entirely. Team full of Division 1 players is just hard to beat on any given night, you damn near have to play a perfect game with no exceptions.

Team Rebounds Turnovers Assists Steals Blocks
Findlay Prep 34 13 15 10 10
Ridgeway 22 17 4 5 0

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

























Ed Hardy



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Thaddeus Young posted his second double-double (19 points, 10 rebounds) at Vanderbilt last Saturday.  Thaddeus Young