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   Kedorian Sullivan @ Southwind



  Melrose Wildcats 2010 TSSAA State Champions

Hoopers 17's capturing AAU Super Regional Regional


Martino Brock of Nashville Christian Advancement Academy.



Brandon Powell of Florida

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December Issue:           

       Recap 12-13-2010

Bartlett (77) @ East (73)

       This game reminds me of the Calipari days of scheduling some strong foes out of their district to test the kids on where they stand, great game for this time of year for both ball clubs heading into strong and formidable district play. A close ball game the first half with  both ball clubs never mustering an impressive lead but 10 lead changes and 8 ties provided for an entertaining ball game. East largest lead of the game was in the second quarter at 29-24 with the Panthers calling a timeout to make a rally before the break. At the end of the first half East goes into the locker room up 36-34 in a Division AAA battle with neither team assembling a strong big man in the middle which will hurt down the important postseason stretch. First half statistics included maybe a record for real as for turnovers with ball clubs committing 2 apiece handling the ball in great fashion on both sides. Another department with close similarities was the rebounding department with East holding a 1 rebound margin at 12-11 ratio. East had a big margin in the assists department with 7-2 advantage. Steals were little for both teams as the Panthers taking the ball away once twice in the first half compared to East 1 steal.

     Bartlett press in the second half gave East fits where turnovers started to mount for the Mustangs which they controlled handily in the first half but a different story in the second half. Bartlett garnered the largest lead of the game at 58-45 with 1:37 left in the third quarter and finished the quarter up 64-54. The Panthers look definitely like a strong postseason opponent that can beat anyone in the city with all things working accordingly regardless they don't have a big man. As the Hoopers staff calls them the Big B's in Athlon Bell and Marquarrius Boddie (I hope I spelled it right) are two of the best juniors in the state and they compliment each other in many ways during ball games. Coaches pay close attention to these young men who are definitely Division 1 material. East started the fourth quarter with a 10-4 run to narrow the lead to 4 points at 68-64 before standout freshman Chris Chioozza makes a dandy (sounds country) no look pass to Bell under the goal to nullify the Mustang push, great court vision. Athlon Bell  led Bartlett with 16 points and 5 rebounds in another strong night with no turnovers at all. Marquarrius Boddie had no turnovers either and added 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists with his strong play, this kid knows he can finish around the rim with no problem. East is going to have problems trying to advance in any postseason tournaments due to no depth on the bench and they also miss a big man in the middle. They traded baskets in the final minutes swatting all Mustang attempts to notch the road victory 77-73. Bartlett has one of the best junior classes in the state if not the best, the remainder of the season will tell if the Panthers are for real heading into strong district play. Probably the strongest district play for all ball clubs involved in Division 14 AAA.

     Bartlett junior Jeffrey Dockett finished at 12 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 steals with his super quick speed. Another Bartlett junior Cory Hopkins finished 10 points and  5 rebounds in two strong junior class performances.

     East had four players in double figures and still came short with sophomore Nic King leading them in scoring at 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Junior Everick Morris added 16 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 assists in a stellar double double performance. Junior point guard Alex Anderson at 10 points and 10 assists  in a strong double double performance also. Another junior was Nic Wilson at 10 points accordingly.

Key Points of The Game: Bartlett platoon of guards that are all basketball knowledgeable and this team can spread the floor as good as any other team in city hands down. They had east running after them the entire fourth quarter and only committed 10 turnovers but stole the ball 12 times for the game which is a great number for high school teams.

Team Rebounds Turnovers Assists Steals Blocks
Bartlett 24 10 8 12 1
East 27 16 16 3 2

By Staff Writer Harold Rivera

























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