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MemphisHoopers.com in Adidas Super 64, Las Vegas NV. July 22-26, 2007. Hoopers go 37-14 for 2007 season.

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    This was the hardest in years to pick a consensus number 1 in the Memphis area including the tri state area. There just isn't a monster team that sticks out as years past. Players come in cycles and we are going thru a mild cycle at the present time. One thing for sure is the private school sector is making a major impression and holding their own. They have three entries to start the year off and can end up holding the number one spot at the end of the season.

    When it comes to St. George's I seriously want to rank them really high but when I look at their schedule I said, they will win 90% of their scheduled games against nobodies. Nothing against super stars Elliot Williams (DUKE) and Lawrence Bowers (Missouri), just reality. I didn't make the rules don't get mad at MemphisHoopers.com.  Hold up before anyone says anything, BCS, AP, ESPN all have their rankings formulas depending on many variables and strength of schedule is right at the top. That being the point, can anyone blame the Hoopers staff. If not, then everyone that reads this article what about the Memphis Tigers. Do you think they will be ranked that high playing Southwest, Northwest. Okay done deal!!!!

    Transitional periods are always hard and conforming into policies take time relating to basketball measures.







12-10-07 Weekly Breakdown

Top three teams went down this weekend with CBHS suffering two losses to Mississippi teams (Grenada and Hernando). Manassas moves up to the new Number 1 slot for the first time in school history. Ridgeway makes the biggest jump of all schools from 6 to 2 spot. Kirby makes a four spot jump like Ridgeway from 10 to 6 respectively. CBHS was the hardest hit falling from 2 to 8 accordingly with losses in Tennessee / Mississippi challenge. Last weeks number team Raleigh Egypt's loss to Kirby knocked them form the number one slot. BTW moves up two spots from 7 to 5. Central moves from 9 to 7 modestly. St. George's weak schedule has them fall from 8 to 10 and no losses. Dyer County is the newcomer at the 9 slot after going 4-0 this past week. Nashville Christian Advancement Academy falls from the ranks but I still love that team.

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Season Week 4 (Dec.10)

Week 3 Results (Dec.1-Dec.8)

1.Manassas (11-1)          

Beat Melrose 89-81, Beat Northside 93-57, Beat Carver 90-72, last week 4

2.Ridgeway (6-0)         

Beat Liberty Tech 51-44, last week 6

3.Briarcrest (7-0)              

Lost Kentucky Tilghman 70-63, Beat Eureka, Il. 46-44, last week 3

4.Raleigh Egypt (8-2)   

Beat White Station 66-63, Lost Kirby 74-65, last week 1

5.BTW  (7-0)                 

Beat Hamilton 86-69 Beat Westwood 84-45, Beat East  69-54, last week 7

6.Kirby (9-0)     

Beat Raleigh Egypt 74-65, Beat Oakhaven 66-57, Beat Northside 72-59.  last week 10

7. Central (7-1)              

Beat Overton 79-47, Beat Bolton 56-46, last week 9

8.CBHS (7-2)                   

Lost Grenada, Ms. Beat Lost Hernando, Ms. 69-55, last week 2

9.Dyer County (8-1)

Beat Crockett County 111-56 Not Ranked

10.St. George's (4-0)      

Beat Mil Beat Wo  Lost Ri last week 8

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Others receiving votes:      Liberty Tech (10-2), Nashville Christian Advancement Academy (11-1), Treadwell (6-2), White Station (3-5), Craigmont (7-4),   Mitchell (2-4),  Whitehaven (5-3)St. Benedict (8-0), Horn Lake, MS. (9-1), Olive Branch, MS. (8-2), Wooddale (4-3),  Fairley (4-3),   Carver (4-3), Sheffield (1-),  Hernando, Ms. (10-3), Germantown (4-2), Hamilton (3-4), ECS (3-4), Westwood  (3-3), Union City (6-2), MUS (4-2), Harding Academy (7-2),

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Other Teams of Interest: Catholic (4-4), Bolivar Central, Bartlett (1-4), Bolton (2-4),  Oakhaven (2-5), Melrose (1-9),  Millington (2-3), East  (2-6),Overton (0-7),West  Memphis Christian, Ark. (4-1), Frayser  (5-2), Haywood County  (4-4),  F.A.C.S. (3-3),  and West  Memphis High, Ark. (4-1)will be added at later date.


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  Rankings are out, scroll down

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Timothy ware of BTW vs. Mitchell in Regional 2007 action.

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