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MemphisHoopers.com 2018 - 2019 Boys Senior Rankings 

   A very strong top 5 players in 2018 - 2019 MemphisHoopers.com Preseason Top 25 Senior Rankings with the No. 1 player in the country via ESPN High School Rankings in James Wiseman. Wiseman plays for the reigning AAA state champions Memphis East solidifying the top overall spot locally, nationally, and worldwide. Memphis Basketball overall talent level has rebounded tremendously from the last two to three years. The new hiring of Anfernee 'Penny' Hardaway as head coach of University of Memphis has brought the basketball juice to Memphis

   His college decision will be a major, major notch for the University of Memphis historically in the late period of April and it definitely will be very interesting with all the heavyweights as Kentucky and Kansas in the ring plus our home town favorite University of Memphis and crew. This year the rankings don't have a big mover in the mix after July events as most of your spring and summer activities like MUS Summer Camp have concluded other than the fast paced July evaluation period at hand.

   Rankings are based on summer circuit activity, varsity play going into high school postseason action and character compadres! All of this play effects your rankings because this is a grow up period. If you fell like you should be ranked higher, show me and it will happen. I will watch your team play this season depending on schedules. MemphisHoopers.com staff also takes into consideration, character and attitude as well as basketball skills accordingly. Staff is at all major Under Armour, Nike, & Adidas circuit events, Elevate Hoops, Terrific 24, Big Foot Hoops and other major showcases.


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Rank Name High School / AAU Org. Position Commit Ht/Wt
1. James Wiseman East / Bluff City Legends For./Center Memphis 6'11
2. Chandler Lawson East / Bluff City Legends Forward 6'7
3. Damian Baugh TPA / Team Thad Guard 6'4
4. D.J. Jeffries Olive Branch  / Bluff City Forward Memphis 6'8
5. Antavion Collum TPA / CP3 Forward Ole Miss 6'8
6. Malcolm Dandridge East / Bluff City Legends Forward Memphis 6'8
7. Calvin Temple Center Hill / Hoop City Guard   6'1
8. Bruce Guy Cordova / Game Elite Forward   6'6
9. Antonio Thomas East / Team Thad Guard Bradley 6'1
10. Devontae Williams Raleigh Egypt / Team Thad Guard   6'2
11. Joe Cooper Olive Branch / Lou. Elite Guard   6'1
12. Kameron Jones Southwind / Team Thad Forward   6'7
13. Skylar Forest Lausanne / Hoop City Forward   6'5
14. Jalen Cincore Bartlett / Forward   6'5
15. Clint Channell CBHS / MemphisHoopers.com Forward   6'7
16. Mike Rice Mitchell / Team Thad Guard 6'1
17. Jefferson Walker Bartlett / Guard   6'1
18.   Douglass / TGand Guard   6'0
19. Alex Anderson Tipton Rosemark / Thad Guard   6'5
20. Dee Merriweather East / Bluff City Legends Guard   6'0
22. Sam Wiseman Arlington / Hoop City Guard 6'0
23. Luke Howard Harding Academy / Thad Forward   6'9
24. Cadrian Higgs White Station / Team Thad Guard   6'0
25. Ryan Dortch        
    Honorable Mention Below      
  DeMarius Boyd Haywood County / Thad Guard   6'0
  Zach Luchessi St. Bendict / Hoop City Guard   6'1
  Wesley Kraker CBHS / * Guard 5'10
  Koby Jeffries FACS / Hoop City Guard   6'3
  C.J. Owens Olive Branch Guard   6'0

























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